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CONAD, company in mass distribution on the whole national territory, has long been close to the needs of people with celiac disease and their families: Present with “AC brand gluten-free” with the “SALLY TICKED” (granted by AIC) in its stores from 2011, CONAD is now even closer to the demands and needs of Celiacs. Come on spiga_barratabreakfast products, to bread, the breadcrumbs, the pasta, the flour, the pizza and finally a delicious ice cream cone. If the breakfast ingredients often accompanied the beginning of my days, pizza (better if heated in the oven at home on a Firestone) is great and the ice cream cone with a fragrant, which makes among the best ice cream cones for Celiacs enjoyed by me.

Often I buy gluten-free products at the point of sale CONAD close to home and with pleasure are informed about new to us celiac.

CONAD has launched a new initiative by directly involving us Celiacs: “YOUR NEEDS OUR COMMITMENT”.

The purpose of the initiative: Hear and know the satisfaction of private label products CONAD AC (SALLY TICKED) Celiac consumers, intolerant to gluten or gluten or gluten intolerant family. Find out from them what are the requirements to better qualify and expand the range of offer. A survey and judgment about the products that you make to the site CONAD (

The greater the number of Celiacs, gluten intolerant or their families surveyed, the better will be the answer to CONAD the needs of us with celiac disease. Completed the survey you will immediately receive a discount coupon (the printed immediately) be used for the purchase of a product line CONAD AC gluten with la spiga ticked, to be used within the 31 March 2016 at the CONAD branded outlets throughout Italy as I have done in the shop near home.

Next to line AC with la Spiga Ticked, you will find many other products CONAD logo or SAPORI & DINTORNI (other brand CONAD) included in the Handbook of food and so sure for us with celiac disease. The Conad Organic Blueberries
In many Italian regions suffering from celiac disease can buy gluten-free products with the recipe of SSNL even at large retailers. This is not possible in Lazio. I am celiac diagnosed and often, In addition to the products purchased with the NHS recipe participating stores, I will purchase more products out of distribution channels served with the recipe of SSNL.

Yogurt 500 g white skinny conadThe Shop CONAD near my home in Rome is a must and I always have with me the Prontuario AIC or AIC apps downloaded on my phone. Easily find the products in AIC Guide to CONAD logo or SAPORI & DINTORNI even without Sally ticked. Broad offer for us with celiac disease: CONAD organic berriesfrom organic products, with salami, drinks or drinks, the hot chocolates, vanilla or cream with balsamic vinegar and more. Among these products are present in our breakfast Marmalade “CONAD – Il Biologico – Frutta & Frutta” in his various tastes including blueberries or to wild berries of which I am greedy with the Yoghurt White. A good breakfast to start the day.
Also the choice of products from other Spike marks is TICKED both without SALLY TICKED but always placed in AIC Guide It is very wide. Lately I bought the flour for polenta of other brand. In many outlets CONAD [Abruzzo, Brands, Puglia, Lazio (about 20 sales points)] You can also find the freshest “The alternative srl – Gluten”. You can choose between: casareccio, scones, The alternativeshortbread, scratched, neole desserts and many other delicacies.
Some advice for celiac: revenue from CONAD.

icon list Products included in the article are frequently used by my family. All external links are verified.

WARNING ICON Products included in the Handbook are updated to the date of publication of the AIC article.




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10 thoughts on “CONAD: FRIEND COELIAC.

  • The offer Conad of gluten-free is very varied and quality. I've always been very attentive to the ingredients listed on the label even in times “less suspicious”; now I must necessarily eliminate gluten from the diet and so I shall not make comparisons with other manufacturers ' products taking due account of caloric intakes, the sources of the ingredients (organic supply chains or less), structure, flavors and aromas of foods proposed. In my opinion, Conad is among the best companies can deliver products SG into an interesting quality/price ratio.

  • I am a mom to a little girl celiac, I'm glad and I thank Librarian for the attention paid to Celiacs with products that their brand. What a pity that the store where do spending, Vignola in via resistance, I have very few products many times held together at things with gluten but really with little notice and almost no selection.

    1. Anto is Celiac diagnosed. We will be happy to share and publish the experiences of those who must measure every day with the same problem.
      We try to convey all the information we hold: travel, recipes, initiatives for coeliacs. Medical information are General and should be considered only: We are not doctors.

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