DELICIOUS ALCHEMY: the story of Emma Killilea .

Emma Killilea : After diagnosis of celiac disease to creating great products for coeliacs – DELICIOUS ALCHEMY .

icon pencil-point 5 Emma Killilea Learn to be intolerant to gluten and wheat as she ran through a cornfield in 2002 – swelling on the skin, the intestine disorders – and later celiac disease was diagnosed with.
Emma changed her diet, eliminating the main bread sauce, pasta, sweets and immediately she had improved her digestive system. But during that time the selection and quality of gluten-free food was really little. A rude awakening for Emma.

"There were so few gluten-free options available at that time and those that existed were disgusting" Emma recalls, "I started to develop my recipes, then I had an idea: My problem could be an opportunity. I understand that c was ’ a market for gluten-free products, safe and high quality ".

Emma began his adventure in 2004 and attends a course in food science Sheffield Hallam University : Emma wanted to learn the best and most important technical knowledge.
Emma presents its business plan, and get the funds to begin his adventure (was £ 5.000 and then £ 20.000).
Emma begins his adventure: DELICIOUS ALCHEMY . "I wanted to turn simple gluten-free recipes, replacing wheat with other things , with minimal organoleptic differences – the taste, the consistency and so on – so they are just as tasty as normal foods”.

In 2007 Emma buy a stand at theInternational Food & Drink Event an important event in London. Many people appreciate the stand: Important contacts begin.
Emma working alone for another two years and develops his recipes at his home in Sheffield and in 2009 Emma signing the first major contracts, including technical Waitrose .
In the same year Emma hired its first employee – today employees are 15 – and rent the first seat of the company.
"A long time seems to have passed," he says, "but I'm so happy to have been patient. I still have the 100 % of my business, and everything we do back in business. “

Delicious Alchemy Products
In 2015 “ DELICIOUS ALCHEMY” He opened his first establishment and continues to provide larger supermarkets – including Booths, Asda and Co-Operative .

In 2016 to celebrate the first 10 years of " DELICIOUS ALCHEMY” Emma created his Charity Foundation " DELICIOUS ALCHEMY Charitable Foundation . The Delicious Alchemy Charitable Foundation - logo
The Foundation will receive the 10 percent of profits. "Our goal is just to improve the lives of people who have to follow a restricted diet day by day, even just a little”.
The Foundation will achieve its purpose through charity and donation of gluten-free food at food banks in the United Kingdom, come il Trussell Trust .In addition, the Foundation will donate money to charity for scientific research programmes, who share our goal of improving the lives of people who must follow a gluten-free diet.
The first fundraising project is very ambitious. The goal is to write, produce and print a bestseller with the aim of helping people in the transition from a diet full of gluten a gluten-free diet.
Goodbye Gluten, Hello Delicious: Your guide to going completely gluten free
This first fundraising project will be much more than a recipe book. It is contrerà out of a lifestyle; prepare your mind to a new way of life. The founder of " DELICIOUS ALCHEMY , Emma will share their real experiences of a gluten-free diet and of all things that he wished he had known at the beginning of the transition in diet.
All proceeds from the book will go to the Foundation DELICIOUS ALCHEMY Charitable . To get this project up and running, the Foundation launches a campaign of crowdfunding International. Each with a small deposit will help the Foundation in its mission. Too little money for a great purpose.

And now in the world with all products of DELICIOUS ALCHEMY who are the hallmark of ear blockedear blocked by Coeliak UK .
While bloggers who post recipes with Emma's products increase every day, the adventure continues with a distribution at overseas alongside the ability to purchase products Online for a long time. The arrival of the casket with in all specialties is a time of celebration.
Some of the most delicious recipes of food bloggers made products and preparations DELICIOUS ALCHEMY : 1 2 3



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