Italy - Poppi: The Hidden Treasure

Poppi : Holiday art, culture, nature and good cooking gluten free.

An article in a newspaper: "Annunciation" in the Church of Certomondo ” [Italy – Poppi (AR) – painted in 1466 by Neri di Bicci ]. My husband and Stephen we start to discover this hidden gem. The Casentino It is an area rich in history, art, culture and natural beauty: a wonderful place.

We arrive Monday morning to Poppi. Noi chiediamo informazioni della chiesa di Certomondo . Some indication.
Finally we find the Church of " ASSUNZIONE DI MARIA SANTISSIMA "from Certomondo : all closed.
Stephen is a stubborn and did not accept that he drove many kilometres without result. He has stopped some people nearby and he had the designation of a nearby house: Li an elderly person had the keys of the Church.
This dear Sir arrived and opened the door of the Church: He explained that it was very difficult to control, and then open.

We entered and admired the reason for our trip: the altarpiece – The "Annunciation" by Neri di Bicci (1466) .

A true hidden gem and unknown to many. Wonderful colors. In silence and with open eyes and a wonder that alone is worth the trip. Near a beautiful restored statue of the Madonna. [Stephen is not a good photographer and next to the photograph taken from him we publish the photographer Ferrini Alessandro the " IL BEL CASENTINO

Out we went to visit the Centre of Poppi : one of the most beautiful villages of Italy.


Poppi It truly is one of the most beautiful villages of Italy: While we were walking among the small streets we see the majestic castle of the counts Guidi . The castle is very beautiful and well preserved: the staircase, the library with the ancient manuscripts, the Chapel, the rooms and then on to the top of the Tower. Before us a breathtaking.


After the visit we we get lost in the narrow streets: wonderful people and welcoming, the Abbey of San Fedele , the Church of Madonna del Morbo and many other beauties.


Then at lunch to Torricella :
icon checkmark The Torricella – Ristorante, Albergo – Loc. Torricella, 14 – 52014 Ponte a Poppi (AR) – T. 0039 0575527045 – This restaurant is in the list of "Eating out" of the Italian celiac Association (AIC). The Torricella è fuori dal centro di Poppi on a hill with breathtaking views. But at the table, I am celiac I found another treasure: the delicious typical Tuscan dishes are made without gluten. Great homemade bread, the Crostini alla toscana , the Tortelli di patate , Anatra al Brunello and many other delicacies and finally desserts [ Tortino di Riso with forest fruit sauce; Lattaiolo the old fashioned way (prepared by the chef according to the old recipe)]. This restaurant is a paradise of tastes for Celiacs and non-celiac disease; Another treasure.

I am greedy. After lunch we strolled and before stopping for an ice cream Gluten Free from;EDI-ice cream parlor
icon checkmark Gelateria Edy – Via Roma, 144 Loc. Ponte a Poppi, Poppi – T. 00393661883638 – The list AIC – great tastes of cream Gluten Free.

Then down to the Hermitage Camaldoli . Through the forests of Casentino . A place of peace: the visit of the Hermitage, a spiritual place surrounded by unspoiled nature.


And then back home after an amazing day.

One day it just to appreciate the beauty of the area and surely we will return for more days.
There are many attractions: artistic works, cultural awareness, Sports landscape and even if you are travelling with young children. The places of art and history, excursions: the Zoo Park in the European Fauna, Golf Club Casentino , hiking in the National Park of the casentino forests, to Pratomagno and so many other beauties.

Bon voyage from


Gluten Free information by the Team " ALL AROUND IS GLUTEN FREE ”.
As our practice, We try to provide as much information and web contacts to make your stay easier of our readers.
Poppi is there Special attention to celiac disease even in school.
People with celiac disease can easily arrange a trip to Poppi and throughout the area condition. Large supermarkets in the area sell Gluten Free products. We indicate this among others:
icon list Coop – 10, Via Rignano – Bibbiena (AR)

In addition there are other restaurants and laboratories / restaurants that are particularly appreciated by Celiacs and inducted into AIC:

icon list Poppi – Tutto Pizza – Pizzeria – 124, Via Roma – Poppi (AR). Tel 00390575.520482
icon list BibbienaGlutenfreedesi – Lab, Pastry, Catering, Restaurant – Via C. Marx, 5, Bibbiena (AR) – T. 00393480905883 – Open for lunch. Dinner open by appointment.


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