Mantova Province.

Check out Mantova and the province: Arts & Gluten Free.

A long weekend exploring Mantova, Sabbioneta and Verona . Art, culture and Gluten Free delights.

We left very early from Rome and after the trip, our first stop was:

La Dolcelia (one of the best pastry shops for coeliacs in Italy – see below contact information).
The owner and Chocolatier is Celiac.

Yummy croissants before visiting Mantova .
La DolceLia It is located centrally on the edge of the restricted traffic zone.

Unesco Icon Italy's capital of Culture 2016, Mantova ( and nearby Sabbioneta are Italian sites heritage of Humanity recognized and protected by UNESCO .
Both jewels of the Renaissance and the size of the family Gonzaga .

Mantova is an easy and comfortable City to visit.
Council: buy Mantova Card and you will have easy access to its treasures and even in touring Sabbioneta .

After the breakfast, We started our visit: the basilica of Sant’Andrea (near the tourist office in Piazza Mantegna ) and then the old Piazza delle Erbe where we explored both the Rotonda by San Lorenzo is the Tower of the Clock (Council – come in and admire the ancient clock mechanism – in perfect working order).

After little headway, the beautiful Teatro Scientifico " Bibbiena ”: us with your mouth open in front of this masterpiece – simply wonderful.

The 14-year-old Mozart He played in the Hall in 1770.

Then toward the Ducal Palace and the castle of San Giorgio : they are the symbol of refinement and taste of his gentlemen: Gonzaga .
Work of art, their environments, the courtyards, the gardens and the beautiful frescoes and one, Perhaps more fascinating than others: The bridal chamber called " Camera Picta "from Andrea Mantegna .

After the visit, a break for lunch: fast from La Dolcelia : the reputation is deserved.
Gluten free tortillas, freshly prepared with the filling of your choice.

Us (2 people) We ate 3 wraps and my husband (He is not celiac) He said that the rolls were really great. And then ..... sweets ( La Dolcelia is truly one of the best gluten free addresses in Italy and then the owners are delightful).

The DolceLia - Mantova - Italy


La Dolcelia – Via Giulio Romano 10 – Mantova (Italia)

After lunch, back to the discovery of other beauties of Mantova: specialmente il Duomo ed il meraviglioso Palazzo Te . Come in and enjoy the wonder of the work of Giulio Romano and the magnificence of Gonzaga .

A few lines to describe the beauty of a place.
We are not writers but a Council: Mantova It is a city that should be visited.

Meanwhile, Dear friends see Google Art&Culture and soon you will leave for Mantova .

Then race to our evening destination: My husband had booked what is perhaps one of the best restaurants for Celiacs in Italy and perhaps in the world. North of Mantova (about 20 Kilometers ) to Solferino (close to Lake Garda) to dine in the restaurant " La Speranza ”.

Many Celiacs had about this place: apotheosis of taste.

Every dish is made even gluten free. The chef prepares all types of dough by hand, the bread and especially the " Confraternita del Capunsel Solverino -logo Capunsei ”: a kind of dumpling (Gastronomy heritage Solferino and Italian cuisine – “The brotherhood of Capunsel Solferino ” protects the Capunsei and the original recipe) with a base of Crumb is a true delicacy.

The chef prepares all ingredients. A great base of Crumb gluten free: I have touched the sky – very good.
My husband – not celiac- He said that maybe it was tastier than with gluten.

Then the meats, the cheese on the plate and finally desserts. And near the lovely owner who explained everything.
The kitchen, eating becomes an art.

A visit to Solferino for the beauty of the places.
Eat in La Speranza It is also the discovery of history, traditions and the culinary arts in Italy.

Hope - Solferino (MN) - Italy


La Speranza – Via S. Martino 6 – Staffolo di Solferino (MN) – Italy

Near Mantova:

Sabbioneta is a must. Visited two days later while we walked back home after the second leg of this weekend: Verona.

Sabbioneta : The ideal city. With the Doge's Palace, the Palace Garden, the ancient theatre, the old synagogue. You wander streets and you will understand why it is the patrimony of Humanity.

You enter the bar in front of the Ducal Palace where I ate packaged snack foods gluten free.

Sabbioneta (MN) - Italy


Gluten Free Information – If you want to know the restaurants, bakers, laboratories using fresh gluten free bakeries or shops that sell gluten free products in Mantova or province:

AIC LOMBARDY – Associazione Italiana Celiachia Lombardy

AIC – Project: Eating away from home.

Good journey to discover Mantova and the province. Art, culture and exceptional two gluten free addresses.


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