Gluten-Free Menorca
Menorca: Wonder and Gluten Free.

“From our friends Jorge and Silvia: their trip to Menorca.”

Menorca: Wonder and Gluten Free.

Land early: rest after a tiring year.

Many friends decanted this beautiful island: admire its beauties and appreciate the search of its inhabitants for environmental sustainability, respect for nature and its gluten-free welcome (at the end of our post – read at the bottom – we share all our Gluten Free advice from Menorca).

Rented a car: direction Mahon where Silvia (my wife celiac) booked an apartment near the port.
On the kitchen table: savoury and sweet (all gluten-free Lluís Febrer -oven and pastry) let the landlady know about our gluten-free dietary needs.

"Calm island: Strong roots planted in the past with the great vision of the future" the statement of a friend.

Walk along the natural harbour (perhaps the largest in the world) and uphill for the grand staircase of " Ses Voltes” verso il centro storico di Mahon: non come turisti ma con la curiosità dei viaggiatori alla scoperta della anima di questa gente/isola.
Walking through the Squares Miranda, Rejal, New, Conquest,Colón, Bastian, Sant Francesc surrounded by large stately palaces.



The Museum of Menorca – its fantastic lookout – where there are the vestiges of the millennia of the history of the island: the “Talayotica culture“, Roman conquest, Byzantine era, Islamic era, the 18th century – a melting pot of different civilizations and cultures on a single island.



Walking, Then, towards the center, we come to Plaza de la Constitució with the Chiesa di Santa Maria and his great organ saved from the shipwreck and " Sa Sala " the town hall of the city with its famous clock; so we go down to Portal del Mar (ancient and vanished door that connected the city to the port) and we get into the Plaza España where we admire the Church of Carmen and the fascinating construction of the Mercado de Pescados .



We see a sign: “El Romero – Restauration Sustainible – ” (totally Gluten free restaurant and certified by Cerificazione Gluten-Free Rosemary Associació Celíacs de Catalunya ). Lunch time: here begins the true knowledge of an a/less Menorca story.
el romero - Mahon - Welcome

“el romero – Sustainable Restoration” Mahon (Menorca) – Francesca and Fabio.

An Italian couple – the owners of the restaurant El Romero, New York (Francesca and Fabio but for us F&F) – rappresents the sintesi e la natura della Isola. Very nice, only local and organic products in their menu: vegetables, cheeses, wines.

The freshest fish, cooked wonderfully but, Especially, with nature and environment conservation in mind.
Only local fish whose species is not likely to disappear.

Talking to the owners, curiosity: find out more about their choice.

We eat and notice that in the local, beyond the great cleanliness, there's a focus on caring and defending what surrounds us: what you can't recycle is completely biodegradable.

el romero Mahon


Congratulations also for the exquisite cheese.
They describe to us its local provenance and that is produced follow ancient techniques: we ask where we can find these manufacturers to better know Hidden Menorca.

The discovery of Menorca couldn't have started better.

Indeed, the owner ( Francesca) invites us the next morning to the fish market where he will buy the daily fish. This will be an unforgettable moment.

Maybe because the two ( Francesca and Fabio ) they're more than just restaurateurs: great food combined with their philosophy, care and attention will be avert to us to come back 5 times to sqm during our holiday.too good to go
Each time enjoying different dishes that change daily based on what they find at the market and from local farmers. Food doesn't advance or try not to advance anything: nothing is wasted and nothing is thrown > they also adhere to " Too Good To go ”.

After lunch we set out to the cove of Sant Esteve .

At dinner at home with Rubiols and Flaons (all gluten free) by Lluis Febrer .
Tired, but happy. Sleep for a new day.

Louis February - Ferreries

Early in the morning visit to the fish market with Francesca and Fabio that go down the fish with special attention.
Local catch only (in the waters around Menorca).

El Romero, New York - Mahon - Fish Market -- The choice of Francesca y Fabio

el romero – Mahon – Fish Market –The choice of Francesca y Fabio

After in the car – Direction: THE NATURAL PARK S’ALBUFERA DES GRAU: unspoiled nature and a crystal clear sea (a true heaven on earth). A feeling of peace and quiet.

There are no words to describe so much beauty.

We understand why Menorca is considered by UNESCO BIOSFERA Reserve.

On the way back to Mahon we stopped at Algendaret Nou , one of the first family-run organic farms in Menorca to learn about Raul than with his father Onofre and the mother Cisca Produce Queso de Mahon-Menorca , cheese made in a totally sustainable way.
A tradition that continues.

Menorca: Images

Menorca: Images

Owners of “ el romero ” they had given this indication because on this farm the family produces one of the cheeses tasted in their restaurant: a pleasure to observe the place of production and how the cheese is cured.

We're coming back late: just in time to eat from “ el romero ” Again.

We tell our day and begin to understand their respect for nature and the history around that is reflected in their dishes.

We are early risers: the light and colors are wonderful in the early hours of the day. In the car up to La Naveta d’Es Tudons which is menorca's most famous prehistoric monument.
Perhaps this is the oldest building in all of Europe: no concrete was used in its construction but only stones set.

Along the way we admire many drywalls. The construction of drywalls – an ancient technique – it's an art that Menorca is a witness to (still practiced today).
In addition to defending the soil and the surrounding nature, an important natural micro-ecosystem develops in the interstitia.

Menorca: ancient roots

Menorca: ancient roots

Then the visit of the neighbors Torrellafuda (prehistoric village of the Talaiotic culture of Menorca) which is located in an oak forest.
And then Torretrencada : authentic place with little modification.
Visiting Torretrencada the feeling of being explorers: men have not contaminated anything.

A few kilometers away we see red cows (minority indigenous race) grazing: we came from Bep (Farm Es tudons ) – farm where Bep produces the famous Mahon cheese also for " El Romero ”.
We know the famous Bep : his handmade cheese following ancient rules.
The smell of milk, ren's, cheese: unforgettable experience. The feelings that remain forever.

Menorca: Images

Es Tudons

Nearby also Maria Tudurí : the lady recovered uncultivated land a few years ago – many locals helped Maria removing brush and wild plants from the fields.
After and with great sacrifices Maria has created an eco-friendly company with products, whose growth respects the cycle of the seasons.
Around us the hens roam freely or hatch eggs.
Vegetables (enjoyed by el romero ) they come from this farm.

We were lucky because in Mahon we met immediately the people and the right place from which to discover the real island: his secrets, the hidden and truest corners.

True essence and common thread: respect for what surrounds us. After meeting Francesca and Fabio we organized our holiday to the fullest.

Before returning to Mahon we headed to a cove with fine sand and crystal clear water.
Our backpack is always ready with costumes, water, Binoculars, towels and shoes or hiking or sea.
There are many beaches or coves: all different.
The name is not important – you notice a body of water or an indication.
Park and set out. Surely you will be satisfied.

Menorca: Images

Menorca: Images

Let's go back to our base and as usual we are the last customers of El Romero – we have lost the dimension of time. Sorry, but they welcome us with a smile.

While we eat – the chef the choice of dishes because we are tired – the story of the day and we better understand what unites el romero what's around.
The respect that projects for the future. We notice some local crafts and art: Right away F&F they talk about the Centre Artesanal de Minorca . Indication and inspiration for the next day's program.

el romero Mahon

Sunrise to catch a glimpse of the sunrise.
Backpack, ready and start. Direction Ferreries : the street is a phantasmagoria of colors in the early hours of the morning.
Different light, new emotions.
Drywalls and fields. Leave the machine and direction Lluis Febrer for some escort of GF gluttony and then looking for some really special craftsmen/artists.

Menorca inspires many craftsmen who combine their skills, knowledge and manual skills with artistic flair and Menorca recognizes their work.

Flora Ritman, Dutch, who has lived in Menorca for decades, floral artist who creates works of art with pumpkins (growth follows) and not only.
Assisting and understanding how much love for this island.

Nuria Deyà who creates jewelry, with precious metals like silver and gold, semi-precious stones with metals , like titanium or niobio, adding color to his creations: we entered and admired the workmanship on the banquet.

Can Do Blas with its typical underage shoes.

Way to Ciutadella a thousand-year history that begins well before the Romans; Turkish invasion of The 1558 caused considerable destruction but the city was later rebuilt in the 17th century.

Ciutadella ancient capital of Menorca – fascinating city rich in history and culture: To live in full the magic of the ancient capital minorchina you need to get lost in the streets of the old town, a fascinating blend of Arab and medieval architecture.

Follow your steps to discover this charming town.

As we walk, we stop to visit 2 very good artists, to admire their creations and their work.

Espai Rovellart: a fantastic atelier where two artists (Catalan her, Australian him) they combined their talent and love for nature in creating sculptures.

Menorca wonder gf 1 Int

“el romero” – Mahon: artistic works “Espai Rovellart”

We had admired some of their works exhibited in the restaurant of Fabio and Francesca and we wanted to know more. Starting with recycled material (agricultural tools, circles of ancient barrels, Etc.) they create marine-inspired artworks to raise awareness of nature and the environment through beauty.

Menorca wonder gf 2 Int

“El Romero, New York” – Mahon: artistic works “Espai Rovellart”

To the sea: Son Saura – very fine sandy beach – it's bathed in green, surrounded by a thick pine forest.
This place is not equipped and there are no bars or restaurants nearby, so remember to bring food and drink with you. Finally a relaxing bath, crystal clear water. Sun, Sea. Relaxation.

Late afternoon home for dinner. Once again last customers to be Food Made Good Francesca and Fabio .
A glass of excellent Menorca organic wine. A few chats and sleep.

Last day: Sea, sun coves. Direction > Cala Alcaufar, “Alcafar“ a beach surrounded by lovely white cottages, typical architecture , and old piers /embarcaderos with a special atmosphere.

A fine sandstone, surrounded by the green of the coast, wonderful crystal clear waters protected by the high side cliffs.

Lovely swim and a walk along the path of Camì de Cavalls in the direction of Punta Prima (but without getting there).

Virgin nature, almost wild: intoxicating sensations and scents. Eyes that capture images.

Back to Mahon, a step from Santi Capo to admire (Buy) one of his wonderful jewels with special lines made with great craftsmanship.

After Es Fangueti in the pottery workshop where Barbarà [/TP] and Joana [/TP] they make their pottery by shaping clay and clay with ancient techniques.
Ceramics with mediterranean essences and colours.

We always remain in a captivated silence in front of a craftsman who is creating.

An object that takes shape, it's shaped.
Every piece of handicraft (Any) it's a story that's being perpetrated and reinvented every time.

Dinner from F&F.Brand Menorca Riconoscimento El Romero
A toast: They have just received recognition for their commitment to a more sustainable world.Brand Menorca Reserva de Biosphere” . Wonderful news that rewards their constant commitment. el romero è il primo ristorante che ottiene questo importantissimo riconoscimento nella isola di Minorca.

Our tour in Menorca made us understand the meaning of "Sostenible Restoration" by El Romero. F&F maybe they are the synthesis of the will to preserve and protect the best of what people have in order to share with others.

We have to start again but with the desire to come back again. Menorca: Wonder and Gluten Free. F&F were the inspiration for a new discovery every day.

A word from The Carpita and Silvia: "Tomorrow we go". And I "The Backpack is ready".Unesco Mab

We meet in Menorca.

Menorca: Wonder and gluten free.
See you soon,
J&S (Jorge & Silvia)
Gluten Free Tips:

The holiday is relatively easy for a celiac in the Isle of Menorca. Many restaurants have signs / Gluten-free options. However, not all restaurants guarantee safety (no cross-contamination).


We will only indicate those safe structures (for our judgment) e che sono certificati da Celiac Association of CataloniaCeliacs Association Catalonia

The Sustainable Restoration RosemaryThe Romero – Spanish Steps, 29, 07701 Mahon, Balearic Islands, Spain – +34 651 45 90 18

Lluis Febrer artesan pastryLuis Febrer – Dean Febrer, Jr., 65, 07750 Ferreries, Spain – +34 971 37 33 45


In addition, You can buy quite easily in supermarkets or shops:

Google Supermarkets Map






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Menorca in a selection of clicks. Some information before leaving and during the discovery of Menorca. (From the AllAroundIsGlutenfree Team).
"People don't make trips, it's the journeys that people make." John Steinbeck, New

Minorca Balearic Islands PNG


icon green snailWe're coming: Very slowly.

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