Norway. OSLO. September 2016. Travel notes. City Gluten Free: Young, Dynamics, Cultural, Multicultural, Green and not chaotic.

The reason for our trip was our daughter who chose Oslo for " ERASMUSIcon Facebook.

You land at the airport of Gardermoen : I recommend taking the train NSB rather than the Flytoget Airport Express Train (both options lead to Oslo central station and take the same time but NSB It's cheaper).

Council: When you buy tickets for Oslo you purchased the subscription for all public transport in Oslo (Normally area 1 – 2). If you stay more than 2 days, I advise you to buy the weekly pass: It is cheaper. Show proof if you are students: You can benefit from discounts of up to 50% (even by age).

The public transport of Oslo are awesome: you attain easily, comfortably, quickly every location of the city. We live in Rome, a city a little chaotic. This is wonderful.

Our daughter is excited about the experience of ERASMUS at the University .
Oslo is a city with many modern areas (the most important architects of the world contributed to its transformation): very green everywhere, multicultural (We have met students with children of every religion and race playing together in the parks – girls with headscarves along with children with other skin colors and other religion), with a high quality of life, the smart city that builds its future. A multicolor town.

Oslo unleashes great vitality without being chaotic. Modern but not frantic.

Everywhere you can meet a Norwegian who is running, that is practicing a sport or by bike (other means of transport in Oslo).

Oslo overlooking a beautiful fjord but then you attain Frognerseteren – last stop of a subway line and get off on foot to the Olympic area (Olympic ski area): you will have the feeling of being in the mountains. A stop in nearby restaurant for a wonderful view over the fjord.

The changing landscapes, the neighborhoods of Oslo have very different aspects and they are very beautiful.
The Norwegians convey the feeling of a people relaxed, Dear, cozy but dynamic.
New condo buildings are constructed with many terraces (unusual weather causes in Northern Europe): wherever the Norwegians are trying create a new green dot.

You have to visit Oslo as travelers and not as tourists: Enter the soul of the city and your stay will be unforgettable.

The feeling is a constant search for improvement in the friendly city of people living the city; While we were walking, We arrived in the area of Folketeateret [ There are many restaurants and meeting places – and the Conference OSLO URBAN ARENA It was planned] and my husband has consulted the Conference material (It is held annually) planning the improvement of cities of the future with the best experts from all over the world: He wants to live the places we visit.

Turnover in museums, in the parks, the Museum Island, the Oslo Fjord, the area of the Olympics with the trampoline: [ VIGELAND SCULPTURE PARK, NORSK FOLKEMUSEUM, ASTRUP FEARNLEY MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, AKERSUHUS FORTRESS,THE NORWEGIAN NATIONAL OPERA & BALLET,NATIONAL GALLERY, GRUNERLOKKA, FROGNER, VULKAN, MAJORSTUEN ] and much more. Live in Oslo and Oslo matches (If you have time to discover Norway).

Live in Oslo and then embark on a discovery of Norway (If you have time).

In this post I have posted some pictures to share sensation and (more important) my information (I checked it out) for Celiacs like myself.

Oslo – Norway. Travel information of a celiac for coeliacs.

Norway is a country quite informed on celiac disease and in Oslo in particular. You leave home without food gluten free. You find easily what you need.

Before leaving I advise you to consult:
1. Norwegian Association of Celiacs []: they promptly responded to my email and on their website you find the indication of restaurants / laboratories informed and directly connected with the Association; [Where in Norway]pdf-icon
2. Norwegian Association of young Celiac [] Icon Facebook ;
3. : Tom responded to our requests and his site provides a lot of information;
4. Icon Facebook . My husband asked for information and Christina responded;
5. icon

Many restaurants indicate allergens on menus.
Some of the restaurants listed in the Norwegian Association of celiac disease (in Oslo) source and Italian cuisine are and we don't want to eat Italian when we travel to foreign countries.
We prefer to enjoy other cuisines. There are other restaurants where you can eat gluten free with security. However, you must always follow the precautions (My advice): even if you read the allergens in menu that is not enough for your safety and health: Cooks can be unaware of the serious risk of cross-contamination and its harm to the health of celiac.

The precautions are: much attention, talk to the waiter or the Cook (always very helpful), show your restaurant gluten-free traveling and seeking information from Celiacs who live in Norway.
The Norwegians are very helpful.

You find a gluten-free foods in all the most popular supermarkets Department [ MENY, REMA 1000, COOP and ULTRA ] :
Maybe you don't find the same offer that you can find in Italy (Perhaps the best and friendliest country in the world for people with celiac disease), but still you find a good selection of snacks, packaged bread, of flour, biscuits for breakfast:
a very important precaution – if you buy packaged food without the symbol della spiga you must carefully check the label locked: It must be “just as it is” If you know the product components. Otherwise it wouldn't buy you better.

When you buy meats (well packaged) Be careful: read carefully the labels and you need to be certain that there are no cross-contamination during the manufacturing process – when in doubt you do not buy (I live in Italy and our law is very careful and precise to protect the health of celiac).

You must enter:

BAKER HANSEN. BAKER HANSEN is a bakery / sweet Lab which has many shops in Oslo. You find easily anywhere. You can make a breakfast or have a coffee (We had one of the best Espresso outside Italy – this is a compliment because outside Italy the Espresso is usually undrinkable for a Italian). Their shops open and close with different schedules (see the area).

If you want to buy gluten-free bread, I suggest you buy in the morning: the bread could be finished the afternoon. Her bread is really really good and so its sweet / croissants. Before returning to Rome, I bought a supply of bread, biscuits, cupcakes and muesli. I ate the bread after a few days in Rome: the bread was still very good.
The muesli by BAKER HANSEN is (probably) the best gluten free muesli that I ate and I ate muesli gluten free of many producers both in Italy both at abroad.
We entered in several stores and we got our high availability.


I ate Gluten Free very well and secure (the most important condition):

BEACH CLUB – Bryggetorget 14, 0250 Oslo – I ate a delicious fish Burger and their option of glutenfree bread is excellent.

EGON BYPORTEN – Jernbanetorget 6, 0154 Oslo – Various options gluenfree. The waiters and the chefs are very careful.
I ate good torsk .

THE FRAGANCE OF THE HEART – Coffee Club – GlasMagasinet – Oslo . In one of the oldest department stores in Oslo a moment of relaxation and two slices of sweet glutenfree. = 13181

NILSEN SPISERI – Jerbanetorget 2, 0154 Oslo – one of the few restaurants where you can sample Norwegian cuisine. Own, the Cook and the waiters are very attentive and helpful. They suggest the best options glutenfree and you wont happy. I ate good Biff and a tasty fruktcoctail

BRAZZERIA AS – Jerbanetorget 1 – Ostbanehallen – 00154 Oslo . Before leaving for Rome. A snack for lunch. Some good gluten-free option. I have eaten Zucchini carpaccio .

I'll share with you other information:

Advice for students who decide to study in the University of Oslo.

I carry the positive experience of our daughter. She is studying law. She chose Oslo for the ERASMUS [/TP] .Uni-oslo
The University of Oslo is a very welcoming University, inclusive growth, good for students: you meet students from all over the world. SIO-in
Foreign students have different accommodation options at the inside of several apartments for students (student homes) connected with the University. My daughter lives in Kringsjå Studentby .

The Buddy week they really are integration and cohesion moment, knowledge, meeting between students from all over the world. The Buddy continue the meetings during the entire stay of the students.
We report the link of the Faculty of law by August 2016 (as an example) icon a website

From Oslo you can start exploring Norway :
Norway Flag Icon Trolltunga, Tromsö where my daughter has admired Aurora Borealis , Bergen, a discovery tour of Norway .

Before leaving or returning :

The cost of living in Norway is high enough (compared to the countries of the South – Europe) but you can find some options to keep costs down: You can choose to book an apartment for rent with HomeAway, Airbnb or other similar sites. Book your flights in advance.

The food is pretty but you can find options for all budgets.

One small criticism gluten free: I was walking to the inside of the area duty free before boarding the plane for my return to Italy.
I didn't find anything to eat gluten-free (even packaged) among the eateries.

I have enquired: an employee of the airport indicated a seller of Asian food: Maybe someone thinks the Asian food is not contaminated with gluten just because that's Asian cuisine. Wrong. Extremely dangerous. Most everything was contaminated with cross-contamination.
I could just drink a bottle of water. Too bad. Anyway I had gluten free cookies to Baker Hansen . Only slightly out of tune a great place that I recommend to everyone. Anyway I will contact and I will try to have a positive response to share with everyone.

A Council: you will be able to better appreciate the whole Norway with more days at your disposal. We had only a few days to visit Oslo.
Discover Norway: Wonderful Trip.

Good trip to Oslo.

Anto and Family,

Web Consultations:
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Thanks to all the people and websites that helped us during the organisation of this trip.
In particular: Christina B., Tom, Ruth (NCF) .

Thanks to the University of Oslo who welcomed our daughter among his students and was the reason for this trip.

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