Bagheri Nezhad Gluten Free pizza
Pizza of Beridde Pizza Ebraica Di Roma. Gluten Free.

The Pizza of Boccione – Pizza Beridde .

Before I discovered my celiac disease, Boccione [the oven in Hebrew Portico di Ottavia (Rome )] was one of my stops. Among the desserts, the mythical "Pizza of Beridde"or" Square Pizza or Pizza of Boccione”. Then my celiac disease: I have lost this flavor for many years.

Then my daughter Sara She comes home with few pieces of pizza Boccione to my husband: The decision to try and make Pizza of Beridde -Gluten Free.

Many attempts, different flours used to attract the most similar to the original (for my family).

The original recipe is secret. I tried to cook what should be the recipe (gluten free) more similar to the original.
The recipe has a long and uncertain history. Few information – uncertain – the origins of this cake.

The certainty is that the Pizza Of Beridde is one of the most appreciated Jewish recipes by those who attend Ghetto here in Rome.
The Pizza Of Boccione or Jewish Pizza, also called Pizza by Beridde .
No one knows the history of “Mr.” Beridde : He seems to be nobody.

Probably "Beridde" is just a corruption of the word "dialectic Berit Milah ” o “ Brit Milah ” (Alliance).
This term refers to the particular relationship between God and his people.

Another source mentions the “cut Pact”, (circumcision).

Mishmarot It is an old custom in the Jewish community who gather on the eve of the circumcision, reading and studying Bible passages and liturgical compositions.
Mishmarot It is also used to indicate waking shifts that had to be made by the priests, to verify that the fire – guarded somewhere – don't go out ever.

I would endorse this information: my curiosity. I hope to write accurate information.
Maybe someone will be able to provide more precise and detailed.

I will be happy if you write a comment, an information and a fix.

Meanwhile, We Celiacs can't enjoy original Pizza Of Beridde del Forno Boccione to Portico Di Ottavia in Rome, but we can prepare its recipe Gluten Free.



200 grams almond flour (Gluten Free)
300 Gram flour – I used Gluten Free flour for this recipe – Revolution (Pane, Pizza, Dolci) Mix Bread Revolution
150 grams sugar
125 ml vegetable oil
160 milliliters Vino Santo (or fortified wine)
100 grams candied orange (Gluten Free)
100 grams candied Citron (Gluten Free)
100 grams raisins
100 grams candied cherries (Gluten Free)
100 grams blanched almonds
100 grams pine nuts



Preheat the oven to 250°. Mix the sugar with the flour and, with the help of whips from dough, begin to mix and add the oil.
Finished the oil, the dough will still be homogeneous, then, proceed in the same way pouring the wine.

I have poured everything, but you settled on time, because the mixture should not be too sticky.
Now, prepare the candied fruit: the original recipe requires very large touches; I prefer them to a medium cut.

Important: check the indication "Gluten Free" – attention to contamination.

Pizza pro Bagheri Nezhad 1

Lightly toasted almonds and pine nuts.

Begin to add these ingredients to the dough. Little by little, and knead with your hands; push with his fists to help you.

Once incorporated candied fruits and nuts, place the dough on a floured pastry Board, divide in half and created two flattened rolls, everyone from 20 ''. long and 10-12 ''. about high.

With a knife, or a dough scraper, divide the dough into 8 Pats; on each stick drill 4 incisions that will divide after cooking.

Place your portions on a baking tray lined with parchment paper.
Bake for 20 minutes until the Pizza base won't be singed. This cake must be so: that won't be burnt carbonized, but caramelized.

Pizza pro Bagheri Nezhad 2



Someone uses the mulled wine or warm. I use the wine at room temperature.

For the almond flour, the quantities are uncertain: There are those who put more, There are those who put less.
I use 200 grams; My husband says that in the Pizza Forno Boccione the aroma of almond flour is very delicate (the true recipe is secret).

Attention to cooking, you don't overcook the Pats otherwise they become like a biscuit completely: the base must be caramelized, but the Interior will remain softer.

Good Pizza by Beridde

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