Gluten-Free Pizza Peroni.
Gluten-Free Pizza "Peroni". The Real Recipe.

Author and inventor of the recipe: Marco Amoriello , Master Pizzaiolo and world Pizza Champion GlutenFree.

We had heard about the great pizza ' gluten-free ' and its inventor: Marco Amoriello .
The occasion was the Gluten Free day .

Marco Amoriello illustrated how to make gluten-free pizza: We have learned the real recipe and the secrets we share.

We could eat (dedicated space) One awesome pizza: tasty, fragrant. Truly a gluten-free pizza that has nothing to envy to a pizza with gluten.

We have prepared the pizza with this recipe at home: Finally at home a good pizza.


For the dough: Caputo Flour. Flour fioreglut
750 GR. gluten free flour for pizza: I used the flour “Fioreglut
300 GR. water
200GR. beer " Peroni Senza GlutinePeroni Beer Gluten-Free
3 GR. fresh yeast
25 GR. Salt

For the dressing:
70/80 GR. canned tomatoes
100 GR. mozzarella di Bufala Dop
Fresh basil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (extra virgin olive oil)

Pour into a boule .5 liter of plain water and salt stirring without melt.
Add 375 GR. gluten-free flour and start working the dough with your hands to 5 minutes.

Add yeast, the beer " Peroni Senza Glutine "and continue working, slowly adding the remaining flour, until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Divide the dough into 5 Panetti from 250 GR. and place in an airtight plastic food container (You can wrap each dough with plastic wrap).
Wait for the rising: 6/8 hours at room temperature.

Place the dough on the work surface on which you have drawn a veil of flour.

Gently squeeze the dough and using your fingertips, begin to expand from the Center by gentle pressure from top to bottom.

Continue to roll out the dough until a uniform thickness and rather thin, except borders, where the thickness must be a few millimeters more than the rest.

Seasoning and baking
Pour the tomatoes in a bowl and tract is made by hand. Add salt (quantum satis) and stir with a spoon.
Using a spoon, spread the cooked pulp, over the entire surface of Central pizza with a spiral motion. Then add the mozzarella di Bufala Dop julienned and chopped fresh basil leaves with hands.

Bake at 300° C for 3/4 minutes.
Before serving or better taste, Add oil

Recommendations of the master Pizzaiolo

Use yeast at room temperature – not cold.
After rising and before you roll out the dough for pizza, You must regenerate the dough: You crushed slightly the brick in the Center with your finger and poured a little oil. Knead again and evenly before applying.

Our advice

Try to enjoy " Pizza Peroni Senza Glutine” di Marco Amoriello If you have a. By Munna - Moiano (BN)
You can meet us Marco Amoriello and enjoy its wonderful pizza Moiano in the Pizzeria " DAL GUAPPO ”. Ye shall eat the real PIZZA PERONI SENZA GLUTINE .
Through his personal site.

Good Pizza Peroni Gluten at all

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