A lot of attention but not alarm.

A rice field, with crayfish traps, at Gueydan, The. MICHAEL STRAVATO FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES

A rice field, with crayfish traps, at Gueydan, The.

This is the title of the NYT article appeared the 21 January 2015. We have reported the literal translation. The letter claims Heather ABEL.

Heather ABEL ( unaware ) did eat the daughters Celiacs and rice ( or rice flour ) for many years. The problem is that many rice plantations are contaminated by arsenic in many States in the United States and possibly other countries in the world. This rice ends up on the plates of consumers and in special way on the boards of Celiacs. Rice and rice by-products are one of the main foods of Celiacs. Once again the interests of companies ( particularly in North America do not think consumer health). The rice absorbs the arsenic from contaminated soil. The report of CONSUMERREPORT.ORG in November 2014 He published his data and recommendations. The rice absorbs the arsenic over other plants. But not all varieties of rice have the same amount of arsenic present in laboratory tests: It depends on the variety of rice and by place of production. This should be primarily a problem in North America and the health food of its citizens.

CONSUMERREPORT.ORG also indicates what are the amount of rice that citizens can eat during the week ( different amount between children and adults).


CONSUMERREPORT.ORG He published his full report with the results and recommendations after teaming up with u.s. FDA.
We don't want to worry you but we want consumers and Celiacs, in particular, take heed to the food they eat and its origin. In Europe and in Italy in particular laws that protect the health of consumers are much more precise to health protection. But in the world of global goods and food travel, Laws that are valid in Italy may not apply in other countries of Europe itself or in other nations of the world. Many times we have known who think more multinationals to their business and the true health of people. We may not be aware but we could eat gluten-free foods , but not of arsenic.

The rice we eat might be gluten-free but not arsenic. Perhaps this is the reason so we Italians prefer Italian productions.

Our site is under construction but we think CRM_Arsenic_Chart_Page-42_01-15.confronto test arsenico allaroundisglutenfree.pselion.net should inform all Celiacs and non-Celiacs. We must not create alarm but we suggest the reflection.

November CR_FSASC_Arsenic_Analysis_Nov2014REPORT 2014. PDF

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