Teff, the world's smallest corn 100% gluten free.

Teff – Tef (Eragrostis tef) belongs to the family of grasses and its cultivation originated in Ethiopia between the 4000 a. C. and the 1000 a. C. Today is also common in Eritrea, in Australia and India. It's a very lucrative cereal, In fact, with few seeds, whose dimensions are much smaller than all the otherTeff cereals, You can sow a whole field! There are two varieties of Teff: White and Red , According to the coloring of the seed. Two types of flour can be produced. The clear variety is the finest and most expensive since it requires more accurate cultivation techniques.

Teff seeds are extremely resistant to moisture, warm, to mold and dehydration. From a nutritional point of view, the Teff provides mainly complex carbohydrates, It is rich in fiber (good against diabetes), Football, potassium and iron and they are easily assimilated. The extraordinary property is significant in protein and eight essential amino acids. Also during the grinding is impossible to separate the various parts of the milling and flour that you get, opaque yellow, contains all the seed and is integral to. Teff is a cereal easily digestible and naturally gluten-free and therefore it is also excellent for those who suffer from celiac disease.

The Ethiopian Government It has banned the export of Teff flour for many years. The Ethiopian Government has allowed the export of processed products only of Teff (added value) do not raise the price of flour which is the basis of the power of its population. The price increase would create serious problems to the economy of the Ethiopian population that uses the Teff as the basis of its diet. Moreover, the economic difficulties of the Ethiopian society did not allow maximum yield per hectare. Now under pressure from international organizationsteff the Ethiopian Government allows export from July 2015 (communication laws of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs). We hope that with the price does not increase exports to the Ethiopian population. Could be a drama for that population.
As a result in some States ( ES. United States and Spain) Teff crop began. Though this product in other countries Teff has the same features of Ethiopian Teff. Also the product outside Ethiopia, Teff and immediately became the subject of trade and financial interests (often these interests are far from real consumer health).
A community of producers of Ethiopia of Teff is a garrison “TERRA MADRE”.
In eritrea, Somalia and Ethiopia, Teff flour is used in many dishes but especially in bacterial fermented sour bread known as injera or enjera . During this fermentation protein share is increased while significantly reduces that of carbohydrates.Injera

Try maybe flour mixed with other, to make bread, Pizza, cracker, muffin, pancakes, puddings and cakes but also as a thickener in soups, minestrone, in sauces and in porridge. Corn may very well replace the nuts or sesame seeds and can be mixed with legumes, tofu and vegetable even for preparing vegetarian dishes like meatballs. Sprouted seeds are great in salads.


The Teff is gluten. But we must be very careful: We must control the cross-contamination. The producers of foods made from Teff may have contaminated a product that comes naturally gluten-free.
We must carefully check the certifications and statements of companies that produce foodInjera made from Teff.

We have identified " LT AFRICA TEFF ” . This manufacturer produces in Italy and distributes in Italy and Europe. LT AFRICA TEFF failed to produce with Ethiopian meal thanks to some source owners. Its products are delivered from “THE ITALIAN NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE” as gluten-free and this is the most important guarantee for the safety of health of celiac Italians. You can read all the certifications on the website. This is for us the most important element. They commercialize Teff flour and some kind of pasta made with Teff. You can find the stores that sell their products in Italy visiting the site and by contacting them to dealers in Europe.

There are probably other companies. We write this because we know this producer. We will beteff always available to supplement and correct all our communication and we urge our readers to write their opinion.
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Teff, the world's smallest corn 100% gluten free.

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