El Cortijo Sin
Ternera a la Jardinera .

Pilar (Soul, Heart, taste and scents) of El Cortijo Sin shares another recipe of his art in the kitchen.
Ancient flavours and scents, Real, genuine that pass on history, Tradition, the pleasures of the genuine foods of the time.

Who comes to Granada , as well as admiring its beauties of history and art, must come in and sit down to eat at El Cortijo Sin : if you are celiac, you are in the right place even more.

Great food, all cooked by the wise hands of Pilar : everything is gluten-free.
Great for everyone, Perfect for coeliacs. You will come out satisfied in the throat and with the memory of that very nice lady who is Pilar .

We have had this luck: we hope to come back soon.
We recommend to you: Visit Granada and then refresh your stomach from Pilar .

Pilar sent us this new recipe: Ternera a la jardinera and we keep the Spanish name of the dish.

Redondo de Ternera

Redondo de Ternera

Aojo Yearling

Aojo Yearling








icon checkmark1,2 kg of veal, round is more tender, but it can also be a year. We can buy fillets or pieces;
icon checkmark5 large carrots;
icon checkmark2 onions;
icon checkmark300 ml of red wine
icon checkmark8oo ml of water;
icon checkmark200 g peas;
icon checkmark1 kilogram of potatoes (monalisa is better);
icon checkmarkSalt;
icon checkmarkOil;


Put oil in a frying pan and brown the meat.
Add the chopped onions and stir.

Cut two carrots into slices and the rest into larger pieces.
Add the peas and stir.

Pour wine and water, put the salt to taste.
Leave to boil to the maximum 15 minutes, then we go down to medium focus for other 45 minutes.

Remove carrots that are larger and crush together with a little broth and then we put back into the meat and let it simmer for other 5 minutes.

Peel the potatoes and cut into medium pieces..


Serve the meat with the baked potatoes. You can use cooked rice or mashed potatoes.

With affection,



You can meet us Pilar and enjoy his sleeves ( everything is prepared and cookedEl Cortijo Sin - Granada - Espana gluten free) to Granada (Spain) in his restaurant El Cortijo Sin .

If you want to book, you can call or send an email.

Tourist Icon Calle Pintor Zuloaga, 23, Granada Icon Phone Number +34 673 50 35 65 email-20 icon [email protected] Icon Instagram Icon Instagram

Thank you and soon Pilar ,



Eating well is a form of self-respect.


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