Peroni-Without Gluten

A pint is a Knight-meal.
(William Shakespeare)

Anyone who buys a piece of land, buy gemstones
Who buys meat, buy bones.
Who buys eggs, buy shells.
But who buys a good beer,
makes a deal.
(English proverb)

The theologians think they know the questions. Scientists think they know the answers. I think it's time to open another beer. “

The 2015 opens with the arrival of PERONI BEER GLUTEN-FREE which can be found in supermarkets, shops and restaurants from January 2015.

The Pandit thought we Celiacs (the 1% of the population in Italy about 600.000 people). The new proposal "is as good as a Pandit and selecting classic Italian ingredients of the highest quality": We have had the good fortune to taste it (EXCELLENT and our friends do not present with celiac we assured to have the same flavor of Classical Birra Peroni ) the 30 November 2014 in Rome on the occasion of the Gluten Free Day. The new beer, guaranteed by SALMAN TICKED of AIC (Italian celiac Association), has a lower gluten content to 10 ppm (parts per million).

The firm accompanies meals and meetings of Italians for over 160 years with its beers and worked with his typical passion and extreme attention to the entire production chain: This innovative product is dedicated to the pleasure of sharing and enjoying a good beer with friends or family, even for those who, like us, must follow a gluten-free diet.

Also perfect the package of new beer that is identical to the Original except the Peroni brand della spiga ticked.



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