The meat roll

THE MEAT ROLL. (Gluten Free). icon GF no flour

A second dish palatable and easy to implement.
This dish is every time a tasty dish much appreciated by our friends.

fix iconDifficulties: Low Boiler-icon- Difficulties
Strawberry Money iconCost: Bass Coin icon
icon timerPreparation time: 8 /10 minutes
icon timerCooking time: about 45 minutes

INGREDIENTS: 9 /10 people
1000 grams of minced meat beef (adult cattle): I use only Italian meat,
200 grams prosciutto Italian
100 grams of rocket
6/7 of processed cheese slices(gluten free). I use are products AIC Guide.
Oil: quantum satis
Salt: just enough

Take a flat surface and prepare a sheet of baking paper. Roll out the ground beef (the ground coffee) on the parchment paper with the help of a rolling pin or other similar tool. Add a little salt.
Put the slices of ham (cut end). Then put the Arugula and eventually processed cheese slices (cut into thin strips).

Do roll up the meat with the help of parchment paper. You have to get a roll. Take the Pan: I used a glass. Divide the roll into 2 If the Pan is not big enough. Oiled baking tray (not overly).
Put the Pan in a preheated oven at 160 degrees for about 45 minutes (check the cooking and with the aid of a tool, turn the roll at least 2 times during cooking).
After cooking, remove from oven. Cut into slices and arrange on plates.
Bon Appetit Friends,


You can create many variations to the recipe for meat roll. A tasty and popular variant variant is: “THE MEAT ROLL WITH MUSHROOMS”. I am replacing the arugula with mushrooms. Another flavor, another flavour but still great.

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