rice salad

The summer heat is poison and we want a fresh dish but also tasty and delicious. We propose to combine rice with ham and melon. It may be the perfect solution for a summer supper with friends. The rice salad with prosciutto and melon. The combination of salty ham flavor and sweetness of the melon create a lovely contrast with the addition of rice, Basil and cheese. Rice salads have the advantage of being very versatile (You can add and change with many ingredients). This dish can also be prepared first and kept in the refrigerator ( even 2 days if you used fresh products) and then you can serve this dish with fresh added a dash of extra- Italian olive. The rice salad is a dish to eat and serve cold.



fix iconDifficulties: Low Boiler-icon- Difficulties
icon timerTime: 20 minutes
Strawberry Money iconCost: Bass Coin icon


INGREDIENTS: 4 portions Icon number

icon checkmarkParboiled rice 320 grams

icon checkmarkCheese Primosale 100 grams
icon checkmarkOlives 40 grams WARNING ICON
icon checkmarkSalt – as required
icon checkmarkMelon pulp 400 grams
icon checkmarkCooked ham 200 grams (cut into thick slices) WARNING ICON
icon checkmarkExtra virgin olive oil (possibly Italian) enough – not to exceed.
icon checkmarkBasil-a few leaves

WARNING ICON I use only products included in manual AIC.




You boil the rice in salted water and let Cook for you 12-15 minutes or the time indicated in the package (you don't have to cook the rice). Meanwhile you prepare the sauce: Remove melon Peel and sliced. ,

Remove the inner part with the seeds and cut the slices into cubes . Proceed similarly with the ham (you ask for cut thick slices) and you cut into strips and then into cubes. . Split with his hands the Basil into small pieces and then cut into cubes the cheese first salt . Drain the rice and pass very well in cold water (so stop by al dente cooking). In a large shallow dish you add the melon , the diced cooked ham , Basil and olives (pitted and chopped), then pour the rice in rain , mix well and add the cheese primosale . Dressed with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil raw, Add salt and rice salad with prosciutto and melon is ready to be enjoyed. Put the rice salad in the refrigerator and pull out of the fridge 15 minutes before serving at the table. Add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and served on the table.
I use only products included in manual AIC.

Enjoy your meal.

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