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Le Farine Dei Nostri Sacchi . A history of Italian excellence. icon GF no flour

” I need to know the history of a food. I need to know where it comes from. I have to imagine your hands who worked, worked and cooked what I eat”.
(Carlo Petrini)

This article is dedicated to the excellence of Italian cuisine. We seek and tell stories of artisan producers and fans that have a niche and an important factor of made in Italy. Small and medium capacities that represent the passion, Research, Italian culture, the pleasure of taste that reaches even higher levels in gluten-free food production.
Sicilia, Palermo, il cuore del mediterraneo, terra bellissima di arte, cultura, natura. La storia di Gloria Bosco “LE FARINE DEI NOSTRI SACCHI parte da Palermo. Un passato nelle produzioni alimentari, la realtà di un figlio celiaco, la necessità di creare mix di farine e pietanze gustose ed appetitose per il figlio in un periodo (molti anni fa) in cui i cibi per celiaci erano solo industriali e non di alta qualità.Le Farine dei Nostri Sacchi nasce da questi presupposti.

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Gloria Bosco: "I knew I needed from raw material and then I experienced the most suitable flour mix for bread making, Keke, pasta or bread. From here to the industrial activity, always as a manufacturer of flour mix, the step was short. At that point I opened a laboratory authorized by the Ministry of health to produce ready-to-eat foods and I asked for the provision by the national health service. Today I produce 17 mixtures and products ".
The workshop. Sale: the flour mix. Bread,Broches, Paste, Sweets, Fresh Gluten-Free Products. Everything from the best raw materials, constantly monitored throughout the production cycle and strictly observing all legal protocols. Today 22 products ( including 9 mix flours, breakfast items, breadcrumbs, bread) are provided by the national health service and can be found by Celiacs in pharmacies and in specialist shops throughout Italy.

Gloria Bosco He wanted to share the whole experience and know how acquired over many years in a new business venture. The project franchising light is party. New realities have opened their business in Italy in collaboration with Gloria Wood. Today these labs perform: bread, sweets, Pizza. All fresh products obtained with basic products (flours) by Le Farine Dei Nostri Sacchi Thanks to the experience handed down for the best achievement.
Andria, Sarezzo (Bs), Favara (Ag), Livorno, Messina, San Giacomo (Ts) are some of the cities where today people with celiac disease eat fresh products made with Le Farine dei Nostri Sacchi”. They are added to the store Palermo where Celiacs can taste some of Sicilian specialties made without gluten. The Union of different experiences, the sharing of knowledge are the basis of the production of tasty and appetizing. All together to share their experience in order to obtain excellent products. Each laboratory and shop also processes local products fulfilling all gluten free. An opportunity for travelers Celiacs a gastronomic discovery next to the cultural or landscape during the journey to discover Italy:
Assapora – Via Piero della Francesca 95 – Andria – Tel. 0883 892911


Oasi senza glutine – Via Monte Guglielmo 17 – Sarezzo (Bs) – Tel. 030 8900406

Glutenbon – Via Crispi 64 – Favara (Ag) – Tel. 0922 31031 icon

Il Forno Saraceno – Piazza XX Settembre, 19 – Livorno – Cell. 331/1075665

Le altre farine del mulino – Via 1° Settembre 66 – Messina – Tel. 090 9431962

Il Giglio-Un mondo senza glutine – Via dell’Istria 6, San Giacomo – Trieste – Cell.+39 3480994526 icon

When you enter, you enter the world of taste between aromas and flavors of fresh products made with love you will always receive the best.
A challenge from quality to achieve new products, fresh and tasty and can be obtained using the best gluten-free flour mix for every need.
To all our readers who visit Palermo or living in Sicily, We recommend a stop at the point of sale of “Le Farine Dei Nostri Sacchi” -Via Simone Cuccia, 38 – 90144 Palermo Tel. 0917841377.

A quick snack: Bread or Flour. Sfincione o Arancino. Pane e Panelle o Pizzotti. Cannolo o Cassata. Just a few of the many products available .
My cousin took Palermo a surprise: a gift bag with lots of goodies Le Farine Dei Nostri Sacchi. I could appreciate this Italian culinary excellence and gluten to meet and share the story of Gloria and his company.
And behind every packet of flour mix (mixture) you will find the best recipe for your realization: bread, panelle, cannoli, brioches, pastry and many more.
Bon voyage of discovery Italia, of its culture, of its landscapes, its beauty and its gluten-free flavors.

Anto (Team All Around Is Gluten Free)


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