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CHESTNUT JAM (gluten free) icon GF no flour

Jam chestnuts is one of the best jams.

Every winter my mother-in-law prepared chestnut jam that mom had taught her girlfriend Enrica to her.
This is the original recipe of Grandma's jam.


fix iconDifficulties: Low but a little tiring. Boiler-icon- Difficulties
icon timerPreparation time: Depends on the quantity of chestnuts used.
icon timerCooking time: about 40 minutes between cooking and cooking of pulp water sugar. Strawberry Money icon Cost: Middle. Coin icon

Vanilla pod
Rum Liqueur

PROCEDURE: I have considered the reports with reference to 1 kg. of chopped chestnuts.
Remove the outer Peel chestnuts Brown (use a sharp knife) and boil in lightly salted water until their cooking (must remain whole). Remove the 2° skin when they are still warm and then chop them with a potato masher or other similar tool. Try to make these 2 steps with chestnuts still hot (not cool). These steps become more tiring when chestnuts cool.
Weigh the pulp obtained: the pulp of chestnuts and sugar must have the same proportion (example: 1 kg. of pulp and 1 kg. of sugar). people (as my husband) they prefer less sweet jams may reduce the proportion of sugar 20 %.
Put sugar in a pot and add water to this proportion: 1 Hg. of water (1 normal glass) for every .5 kg. of sugar. Let it boil for 10 minutes. Add 1 or 2 cartons of vanilla which should be removed before adding the pulp of chestnuts. Caution always stir with a spoon. After removing the tube of vanilla, gradually add the chopped chestnuts. Boil for approximately .5 hour stirring constantly.
Remove from heat and add a shot of Rum. Mix well.
Then put in glass jars. Glass jars must be left open for about 8 hours. Before you close with lids, put on the Jam a disc of greaseproof paper (a measure of the can) moistened with pure alcohol for sweets.

My family is golosa of Grandma's chestnut jam.
I used chestnut jam as small meringues. You can get another sweet little.

Good throat.


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