PIACERI MEDITERRANEI. Gluten-free friends.

Celiacs for friends.

We Italians are the 0,83 % of the world's population, but the remaining 99,17 % earthlings loves Italians. They want to enjoy our food“.
( Oscar Farinetti )

Don't eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food“.
( Michael Pollan )

I need to know the history of a food. I need to know where it comes from. I have to imagine your hands who worked, worked and cooked what I eat“.
( Carlo Petrini ).

icon pencil-point 5 Piaceri Mediterranei . Every day on my Board.
My celiac disease was diagnosed for many years and initially products Gluten Free were few and not always in good taste. Eating well was difficult for us to Celiacs.
Every time the research and testing of a new product .
Test after test, Search after search Piaceri Mediterranei and its products are

LASAGNE WITH SPINACH AND BRIE CHEESE (Gluten-free and vegetarian options)

Lasagne with spinach and BRIE cheese

entered in the diet: flour for bread, the donut, pasta, snacks or snacks.
I remember when I prepared the bread for the first time or lasagne : anxiety and expectations on the outcome.
The best appreciation was to friends and family who aren't celiac: they're the benchmark with the flavors that I thought I had lost with the discovery of my celiac disease.
Many recipes posted on this website have been prepared with products of Piaceri Mediterranei that is a complete line of gluten-free foods. All products are approved by the Italian Ministry of health and the Italian Health Ministry barred and SpikeMark "Sally Ticked" of Italian celiac Association (AIC).
Continuous controls throughout the production chain to ensure safe products and top quality.
Taste after taste, test after test I found the flavors of my grandmother (When I

Pasta Artichoke Zucchini Prawns Imm

Strozzapreti Zucchini Prawns Artichokes

not I knew my celiac disease).
I have always had the curiosity to learn about the history (When I can)What I eat.
"Mediterranean Pleasures" is a brand of Eurospital [company alongside of celiac disease always].
In 1997 Eurospital gets the exclusive license of the patent for the use of "Tissue Transglutaminase" for diagnostic purposes.
Over the past few years I lived the evolution of their products: the continuous search for quality, of raw materials, of taste. Also from 2015 the new line of Pasta BIO I often cooked for my friends non-celiac disease. Great.
This company has made the Mediterranean food model " MAM "the point of Unesco Iconreference of own production.
MAM ” is the complex food style that characterizes our populations of the Mediterranean basin. The Mediterranean diet is listed as intangible cultural heritage of Humanity [ UNESCO ].

Mediterranean Diet Videos
After lots and lots of evidence I believe that Mediterranean Pleasures products represent the taste of traditional Italian cuisine appreciated worldwide.
Many times our readers (outside Italy) They demanded to know where they could buy the products used in my recipes. From Italy to the world: Great Britain, Spain, Canada, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Greece, Hong Kong, Romania, Malta, Principality of Monaco, Belgium.
A continuing recognition of the quality of our products.



Discover or rediscover the fantastic flavors of Italian cuisine.
Breakfast is an important moment in my day and I varied my choice every day: We make homemade jams and rusks are perfect. Or change to biscuits , Plum Cake or many other delicacies.
Sometimes I don't have time for baking bread at home and then I use the already packaged bread or the his deputies.
The pasta is a very important in our House but I often prepare the wraps.
Lately I discovered pizza base: every time a new recipe.
Cooking and eating together have always been an important factor in my family.
Eating is also a moment of culture, A time to live together.
Eating is not fill the belly: We want to know the history of our food. Traditions handed down in our family. To share with friends.
Share with others is my pleasure to celiac. Exchange experiences. Look for the best.
Enjoy your meal,


Mediterranean pleasures products

P.S. One last tip: by family EurospitalPastilles Anberries
The Pastilles Anberries. I prefer those flavored Black Currant”. What about you?
Very good and especially gluten free.

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