AIR TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD "The the world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page. "

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page"

(Augustine of HIPPO)

Celiac disease must be a real lifestyle, that requires us attention in any aspect of our daily lives. For this we must plan carefully even air travel without gluten.

Low cost flights, the internal ones and short ones / medium range usually does not provide a snack for Celiacs, While often are served vegetarian meals. To remedy this situation the Celiacs had to provide for themselves : generally there is preparing a small snack to take with them on the plane.

Face the intercontinental flights and require gluten-free meals is easier: airlines must provide gluten free meals to those who request it when booking. Really quiet for our advice is to phone a few days before takeoff, and make sure that the alert has been acknowledged.

How to have available the necessary products to their daily diet throughout your stay? The doubt is more than legitimate, Since not all countries you can find gluten free food with ease. The Council is to be informed before departure about the presence of supermarkets with a dedicated Department or any specialized facilities available ( restaurants , pastry shops, ovens ).

If you have the need to carry gluten-free foods, to prevent problems with some overzealous security guard, We recommend that you ask your doctor to write a medical certificate that needs to be said that we are suffering from celiac disease and need to carry and consume only suitable foods. We also strongly recommend that you declare in detail what and how many products you're carrying (ES. the egg pasta: 500 Gr.; sliced white bread: 200 GR. , any other food ). In this way, gluten-free foods are considered medical and food any more used for baggage transportation can be embarked for free.

Before you can do this you still need to contact the airline to ensure that this procedure is valid for both gone – the certificate is of the doctor of the country – is to return: There are testimonies of travellers Celiacs they found themselves in trouble right after returning from a foreign country and they had to abandon the gluten-free products at the airport.

In any case, If you are carrying out air travel very long, It's a good idea to carry foods still packed, avoiding fresh ones. It is also very important to declare all the food that we bring with us in the customs forms to fill out, to avoid problems and misunderstandings with agents. This factor is critical: the law of many States provides for the obligation to declare foods that are transported in the form of the customs at the time of admission ( ATTENTION : You may incur heavy fines for this forgetfulness ) . If you have any doubts you can contact the Embassy of the country where you go and you can learn more about their law. Some initial precaution and then you can start.

We want to remind you that each airline has its very specific claims policy as regards the possibility to consume gluten-free food on its flights.

Sometimes celiac disease can be a problem but celiac disease is not the problem that must prevent Celiacs to travel.

2 thoughts on “AEREI E POST GLUTEN FREE.

  • Send a message from Lan and they told me that they can't guarantee that it's not contaminated, how can I be made to be assured that it's not contaminated?
    his answer was that it would be “low-gluten”

    1. We regret this response (not sensitive to the problem, very ignorant of the knowledge of coeliac and also non-commercial disease). Unfortunately, when we can't guarantee non-pollution, then for us the food is not free of glue.
      Low gluten concentration is pollution.
      Even today, some airlines have not fully understood the food problem of people with coeliac disease. We'll never eat unsafe food.
      We carry gluten-free sandwiches with us.
      But we also recommend using social media and websites where you can enter your opinions about the company and write your negative reviews for this service. This is very important to raise awareness about the company and also to share your experience with others.
      I'm sorry if our Spanish isn't perfect

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