Germany is Gluten Free.

We had planned to visit in Germany 2014 but then we had to postpone this trip for a chance to leave with other friends. But my husband and I have decided to write this article on Germany too: We have contacted the Celiac Association of Germany in may 2014:

Coeliac Society of the country / Nationale For Gesellschaften

Deutsche For Gesellschaft e. V.



Kupferstraße 36, D – 70565 Stuttgart


Tel: +49 711 – 45 99 81-0, Fax: +49 711 – 45 99 81-50

Email: [email protected] ; Internet: .


We have received an exceptional service and the person involved has posted very useful material for organizing our trip. Lots of essential information for planning a trip to visit places ( beautiful ) but perhaps less known to us and not just the most famous cities. We provide all our friends of four files that have been sent ( they are in German but we decided to leave the original language than those who supplied them but they can be easily translated using the translator ).

**GERMANY is the title of the first file. While we read this file we started building our idea of traveling in Germany.

German island of Borkum - the Wadden Sea with typical chairs.

German island of Borkum – the Wadden Sea with typical chairs.

A first part very interesting and useful for a safe journey and gluten free: where to find gluten-free ( supermarket chains, bakeries g. F. , cookie shops, sweets, gluten-free beer, chain restaurants and hotels ) with the recommendation to visit the sites of the places indicated .

The second part and his reading was the spring that has triggered us to depart to visit Germany and on which we have built an idea to travel discovering the Gluten Free Germany.



Starting from the North : from Lower Saxony to the islands of Borkum and Amrum , Rinteln , Lüneburg Heath (The Lüneburg Heath ), hiking in the Saarland or discovering Pfalz (Palatine area ). Then continue in Sasbachwalden (Land Baden-Württemberg in Germany.) Black Forest or in Baden Baden . Trying not to forget a visit with kids to LEGOLAND and considering the visiting of the most famous cities of Germany.






** GERMANY RESTAURANT 2014 is the second PDF file . It is important to you, you can find the list of Hotel, restaurants , thermal plants, DAZAGA LANGUAGE certified facilities . Essential guide to visit Germany for Celiacs.

Germany Restaurant 2014

** BERLIN – MUNICH POCKET GUIDE POCKET GUIDE are the third and fourth titles PDF file . They are really well made : list of all the places where a person can buy or celiac eat safe food and gluten free . Advance payment to all references ( web sites , mail and addresses) and the subdivision by type you can also read how you can get to the shops / restaurants ( Metro / bus / train / tram ).

Berlin Pocket Guide PDF

Pfalz - Palatinate

Pfalz – Palatinate

München Pocket Guide


*** Thanks to the information Celiac Association of Germany, We always appreciate your availability for all its employees, We can also provide:

Stuttgart GF Pocket Guide

Integration of 18 September 2015 Thanks to the additional information sent by our German friend ULI R. (his daughter is Celiac disease):

Certified guide of hotels and restaurants with trained personnel from the Celiac Association PDF German

Hotels and restaurants in Germany informed by Uli R.

^ See also our article ” Berlin Gluten Free: Gluten-free friendly city.”

^ See and print our gluten free card for restaurants in German.

@@ Dear friends, share your travel tips in Germany and reported restaurants , ovens , bakeries and places frequented by you where you can eat without gluten.


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