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Our friend Antonella P. . to discover the beauty of Prague and its treasures Gluten Free.

“What I could add to everything that is said on PRAGA?
Lovely, Magic, wonderful, fantastic, onirica, freezing cold, spectacular, romantic and yet, and still.

Here's, I might add: gluten-free city.

In late January I finally visited the much-lauded Prague and, as much as I may have imagined, the reality of its places I was literally surprised.
A city that stimulates a desire to return to continue to enjoy its charms undiminished through time.

With my usual instinct tramp, just arrived in Prague, I went down to the Metro to Wenceslas square.

Wenceslas Square, in fact, It's a huge Avenue, on which overlooks the imposing equestrian statue of the Saint.

The square is famous for hosting the copious crowds of young people during the Prague Spring, and for being over the millennia, witness to countless popular struggles.

After covering just over 100 meters, randomly, I see an enormous written out by a beautiful restaurant: Gluten Free. Without thinking for a second, I'm going in.

Luxurious surroundings, locals that in Italy you could easily find via Veneto, especially suitable for business meetings.

Stopping to eat at the restaurant Como It was a great choice.
International cuisine, Nothing in Prague for coeliacs, but certainly delicious.

One dish, How do I use in foreign countries: fillet steak with grilled vegetables, baked potatoes and Béarnaise sauce, Finally, an exquisite crema catalana.
Proper expenditure, but much less than you would spend in the most mundane of Rome.

The second day I went to try a local Soviet childhood from my friends, i.e. U Karla .
To find it has not been easy because entrusting me to GPS, I'm over on the other side of town, so I found out that in Prague there are two restaurants with the same name.

Finally I have found U Karla . A very popular place, typical Czech cuisine and beer. Here I am satisfied: Prague ham, white rice, mustard, rosti potatoes and Bacon cabbage salad accompanied by a & #8217; and grilled vegetables. To finish, Strudel with cream.


The food is decent but nothing great, I think it's the only opportunity to try the local dishes without risk.

The third day I went to find a great Sardinian restaurant which is located at the foot of the castle of the city and within walking distance of the Museum of Kafka .

Typical Sardinian products, staff who speaks perfect Italian.

Own, a nice man proud of his homeland, It offers many delights of his wonderful island.

I have found from bread carasau GF with cheese, to the fish, at tasty meats; all washed down with a flawless Sardinian wine.

Usually I don't like go in Italian restaurants when I travel, but this time I ate very well, because this is not a tourist locale run by foreigners.

From Ichnusa Botega Bistro , It seems that they have been transported directly from Earth nuorese in the city center of Prague.

The last day I visited l & #8217; imposing Castle overlooking the city, then walking down the streets lining the Hill, We find the old and characteristic districts and so much beauty to be discovered, as the Church of the Infant Jesus, with the exposure of wonderful gowns donated by all the Nations of the world.

On the way back I came across a lovely vegan restaurant, Vegan’s Fresh Food , He had in the menu, a & #8217; selection of gluten-free dishes.


The restaurant is located on the first floor of an old palace.
The food was great, prepared with great care, and the staff very friendly and welcoming.

Here I enjoyed a vegan lasagna based on layers of Zucchini, alternating with tasty spinach with tomato sauce, then a meatless goulash and potato-based.
Last but not least,, a cheesecake with berries memorable.

In short, Vegan Yes, but high quality and at very reasonable prices.

A restaurant where I would stay here again.

The night before we left I gave farewell reluctantly to the city, consolandomi with a chocolate cake and a piping hot tea, in the local Coffee Café , adjacent to the famous Gallery Lucerna .

Prague is full of tunnels because doing so cold during the winter, people get repairs to the inside of these premises. The accidental discovery of pastry is due only to 11 degrees below zero that night at the end of January.
Looking for shelter and hot drinks family lettering has immediately caught my attention: gluten free.

Prague gets you in an instant, as soon as you set foot in the old town square, better known as the square of the Clock, to unravel by the day, with modesty, his infinite beauty.

One short break is not enough to admire it all, Why Prague you kidnaps heart, and as anyone who can't stay away.

Timothy P.

Vegan’s – Fresh Food
Prague, Nerudova, 36

Como Restaurant e cocktail bar
Prague, Vaclavske namesti, 45

Ichnusa Botega Bistro
Prague – Plaskā, 623/5
Malā Stana

Švejk Restaurant U Karla
Kremencova, 186/7
Nové Mēsto

Coffee Cafè
Štêpánská, 626/63
Nové Mêsto

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