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Rome: The eternal city is Gluten Free. Guide to restaurants, ice cream parlors, pizzerias, gluten-free shops and laboratories.
Welcome to Rome. We are Italians and Romans. Maybe there are other cities really "gluten free" as Rome. We have traveled to many Nations and we rarely found such a great chance to places where Celiacs can eat or buy gluten-free products (restaurants, Hotels, coffee shop, workshops, stores that sell only food for coeliacs). Many pharmacies and supermarket chains see products for Celiacs. You can find gluten-free products shops even in any market. The merit of this is of Italian Celiac Association (AIC) and for the city of Rome and its region "LAZIO" local structure AIC LAZIO. AIC has promoted the project "EATING OUT" for many years: In addition to the awareness raising and the promotion of gluten-free food, AIC performs constant monitoring of structures. You won't find many large chain restaurants gluten free (as in other large cities in the world): This is the quality factor [the staff changes very frequently in large food chains and there is a minor owner's direct control and therefore less attention and knowledge of cross-contamination (the big problem hidden in meals coeliacs). Other websites indicate many other gluten free restaurants in Rome as in other cities in the world: We enter to eat and indicate only the restaurants and the companies included in the lists of associations of various countries when the associations indicate a place where they recommend to eat: We have verified that the restaurants included in the lists of national associations do not follow all the security protocols even when they declare that their meals are gluten free. [This rule is valid in countries where coeliac associations have created a guide to eating out]. Then we enter to eat in Italy only in the activities recognized by AIC When these exist. We share our experience and we are only those companies ( restaurants, pastry shops, coffe shop, workshops) where we or our friends eat habitually Celiacs. This does not mean that other activities are not good: We highlight companies that we attend more often. We will also link to all other activities included in the lists by AIC in Rome. All activities have their own specialty: You should visit them all. These cooks, Maestri pastai, confectioners,Essa masters often have Celiacs or they have a relative celiac. They perform their work using the best raw materials and they are the best Italian food in their field of activity.


green check mark vinkjeNapoleoni Bar – Bar/Coffee Shop/Confectionery- Via Appia Nuova 592, Rome Tel. 06.7804727

green check mark vinkjeNew Gluten Free Food – Bakery, Pasta factory,Pastry – Off To. Pepere 25/26, Rome Tel. 06.58230394
green check mark vinkjeThe Pastry – Pastry, savoury products (bread, Quiche, mini pizzas etc.) Banqueting and catering – Via Varese, 43 Rome-Tel. 06.83082160

the pastry chef 1 Rome the pastry chef 2 Rome the pastry chef 3 Rome





green check mark vinkjeSans de Ble’ – Pastry – Via G. Chiabrera, 58 C Roma-Tel. 06.64650277

green check mark vinkjeHi Carolyn – Gastronomy, street food cooked at the moment – Piazza di Firenze, 25 Rome-Tel. 06.68300368

Hi Checa Main Hall Hello pussy Cooking Hello FAG Bar





green check mark vinkjeBarbecue Stall Omega3 – Bar, barbecue stall, takeout – Circonvallazione Clodia, 122 Rome – Tel. + 39 3335662836


icon checkmark MaMa FRITESStreet Food – Borgo Pio 28 Roma – Tel. 06.


green check mark vinkjeCroquembouche Pastry, Gelato – Avenue of the Arts, 42/44 Rome – Tel. 06.64651062

There are only these companies in Rome: they are the ones where we frequently. You can find these and other companies certified by AIC on the site:
We will care to highlight the other structures after visit.
green check mark vinkjeThe Seventh Frost – Via Vodice, 21/in Rome-Tel. 06.3725567
green check mark vinkjeFata Morgana 2 – Via Giovanni Bettolo, 7 Rome-Tel. 06.86391589
green check mark vinkjeGrom Maddalena – Via della Maddalena, 30In Rome-Tel. 06.68210447
green check mark vinkjeThe Penguin – Via Silvestri, 224 Rome-Tel. +39 349.4562237
We refer to the site AIC for the list of other care structures and we will integrate this list after our visit.
green check mark vinkje The Journey – Restaurant – Via Isonzo, 14 Rome-Tel. 06.97997043
green check mark vinkje Melarancio – Restaurant – Via del Vantaggio, 43/In Rome-Tel. 06.3202200
green check mark vinkje By Arturo – Restaurant, Pizzeria – Via Aurelia Antica,411/413 Rome-Tel. 06.6623408
green check mark vinkje Giancarlone at 19 – Ristobar, Pizzeria – Via Durazzo 19 Rome – Tel. 06.37517699 Cell. 3496684896

green check mark vinkje F.lli The Hoax – Restaurant, Pizzeria – Viale Tor di Quinto, 35 Rome-Tel. 06.97273647
green check mark vinkje The Knight – Restaurant, Pizzeria – Piazza Augusto Lorenzini, 11 Rome-Tel. 06.5515981
green check mark vinkje The Beetle – Restaurant, Pizzeria – Via Alessandro Cruto, 9 Rome-Tel. 06.5574484
green check mark vinkje Zen Fusion – Restaurant – Viale Eritrea 69 – Rome Tel. 06. 86218365

green check mark vinkje Yeast 72 – Restaurant, Pizzeria – Via del Forte Braschi, 82/in Rome-Tel. 06.6142829
green check mark vinkje Mangiafuoco Pizza & Grill – Restaurant, Pizzeria – Via Chiana,37 Rome-Tel. 06.85357255
green check mark vinkjeMillennium – Restaurant, Pizzeria – Via Tor Tre Teste,35 Rome-Tel. 06.23269171

spunta verde vinkje Mama Eat – Ristorante, Pizzeria – Via San Cosimato, 7/9 Roma – Tel. 06.5806222

icon checkmark The bucket and The olivaro – Restaurant Pizzeria – Via Portuense 962 – Rome – Tel. 06.6552192 the bucket and the olivaro

We refer to the AIC website for the list of other care structures and we will integrate this list after our visit.
HOTELS (breakfast and often these structures have a restaurant with gluten-free dishes):
green check mark vinkjeResidence Il Vittoriano; Novotel Roma La Rustica; Hearth Hotel; Holiday Inn Parco dei Medici; Hotel Fori Imperiali Cavalieri; Hotel Mozart; Hotel Spring House; Radisson Blu Es H. Rome; Hotel Diana; Hotel Melià –
Rist. The Cork Oak; Hotel Capannelle;
We refer to the site AIC for the list of other structures.
green check mark vinkjeAncient Aqueducts; (B)&B Bio; (B)&B Zaccardi;
CASA VACANZE: Contact ( For holiday homes is not provided for the supply of food. The holiday house provides the apartment, including fully equipped kitchen. We provide the only indication of the structures whose owners have at least one relative (certificate) Celiac and who are familiar with the safety instructions on cooking equipment (colander, Cookware etc.)

WHERE WE CAN BUY GLUTEN-FREE: You can easily find many shops where you can buy gluten-free food in Rome: Stores selling only products for Celiacs: You can find several shops selling products exclusively for Celiacs. The Romans these stores where they can spend the contribution the State from them for celiac disease. The AIC LAZIO provides an updated list of these stores. We are for the travellers of the nearest shops to sights:

green check mark vinkje Roma Nord – Via Giulio Venticinque 32/34 Rome-Tel. 06 39754621 – 800128020;
green check mark vinkje Celiac Island – Several sales outlets.
Supermarkets: All major supermarket chains (AUCHAN, PAM, CONAD, CARREFUR, SIMPLY and much more) sell products for Celiacs. These foods can be produced by:
1. Companies that produce exclusively gluten-free foods;
2. Products with the brand of the supermarket but following gluten production lines;
3. Products from companies that produce food for all but having gluten production lines for certain products;
Attention: "Gluten-free" must be written on all products but for points 2 and 3 We always recommend that you check whether these products are included in the AIC Guide (We believe that this is the only guarantee of security).
DRUGSTORES: Pharmacies often sell gluten-free products; We recommend the Hygieia Pharmacy (This pharmacy has a really good gluten-free).
MARKETS: Are there any stores in some markets that sell exclusively gluten-free products ( We recommend the Mercato Trionfale).
Welcome to Rome.


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