Lisbon Gluten Free By Antonella P.
Lisbona Sem Gluten : Travel notes.

The new experience of our friend celiac Antonella P . discovering Lisbon.

“The holiday in Lisbon was short and like every good experience, He left me a nostalgic.
I still remember the first voyages made ten years ago, When I had just found out I'm celiac: their common denominator was the obsession of not finding gluten-free food.

I started laden packaged products, that, punctually, arriving at your destination completely crumbled.
I would spend the first day looking for supermarkets and restaurants supplied by gluten free and eventually trip I was totally stressed.

Afterwards, I had to change my habits because of baggage Essentials (of a airline company low-cost ). Since then, When I'm on vacation, I try to follow my instincts and before leaving, for peace of mind, I'll ask some tips to " AIC Umbria Icon Facebook.

In the first evening spent in Lisbon, I decided to visit the districts of Fado , part feature of the town with the charm of the past. Narrow streets that rise and fall, colored buildings or covered with tiles, drying laundry that have nothing to envy to our Naples.

The scent of good seafood and music flood the streets and let the tourist intoxicated.
Intrigued, I read a menu exposed, desperately the words “ Sem Gluten “. For a nice waiter turns to me in French, in English and then in German.

Finally, I confess to be Italian, so it was easy to get and understand, because in that restaurant “ O Forcado [Read below], all employees speak two or three languages and Cook was knowledgeable about gluten. Convinced, I'm going to exercise my feature Explorer.


Obviously, my culinary selection went on grilled cod, accompanied by boiled potatoes and broccoli, then a rich fresh fruit salad, that is truly exquisite. Very good food and the evening. Singers, folk dancers and musicians have delighted with their poignant music.
The cost? We say, high enough, but it was a dinner and a musical performance, get one and pay for two!

Timothy P. Lisbon photos

The day after, I abandoned the instinct and I went to a local recommended by " AIC Umbria ”:

Open Brasserie Mediterrânica at the beautiful " Santa Marta Ispira Hotel[Read below]: the gluten free menu offers few choices but delicious.

The service was of high quality and " Meitre "very professional, I have to thank you again very much because I was treated with great care: the chef has cooked everything separately. The fixed price is low compared to the fantastic offer: 14 Euro for a risotto, a ' salad, a glass of wine, water, a huge plate of mixed fruit (delicious!) and coffee. Say that I am satisfied output is little, very little.

The third night I headed to the " Bairro Alto ”: the nightlife is everywhere in Lisbon, but here, the area is especially popular with young people and plenty of restaurants, one behind the other. Uphill and downhill lanes, a network of crossroads full of happy people, English tourists, Americans, French and Italian.

Following my need for survival, I have found, Once again, the right place: Restaurant Marisquera[Read below] in Rua do Norte . To receive a delicious Russian waitress, Caterina , who spoke flawless Italian. I dipped in fish menu: Atlantic oysters so fresh, grilled salmon, white rice, vegetables and finally a delicious creme caramel.

The third day we could not miss the visit to Belem .
A little brashly, I am entering the circle Vela Latina [Read Below] , that, I didn't really understand if it were reserved only for members or not: However they had come.
A delicious lunch: great appetizer smoked salmon and cream cheese, Grilled tuna and a delicious salad of mango and passion fruit.

The refined and elegant atmosphere was full of elderly and Bejeweled ladies, the staff and the atmosphere definitely retro. The cost strictly in line with the offer.
I have to admit that this was the best restaurant that I have experienced in those days.

The last day of vacation, I am ascent Castle of Saint George, built in the upper part of the city, during the Islamic era. From the viewpoint of Romantic Garden You can admire a breathtaking landscape; the boundary between the river Tejo and the sea is unnoticeable, the vision of the Union of their waters is pure magic.

A short walk from the Castle, I found a small restaurant, tucked away in an alley,
and incredibly in the menu, one entire page was devoted to “ Sem Gluten “.
Caminho”da Ronda[Read below] is the name of that little place, unpretentiously, a room only to Interior and plenty of tables outside in the square at.
Cheap but with a varied choice of food; run by Indian boys, whose courtesy and politeness is a wonderful memory that I brought home.

Lisbon is a seaside town and without a doubt the best thing to do is to choose their delicacies marine, whose freshness is indisputable. I regret not having experimented with other dishes for those who don't like fish.

In the afternoon, to round off the day, I couldn't miss the pastry " Nicola Cafè ZarzuelaIcon Facebook[Read below], in the lower area of the city, close to the beautiful Market square.

And here I have tasted many cakes, to bring a message to all my friends with celiac disease: go and eat well, everything is really delicious!

One big disappointment, they didn't have the famous " Pasteis de Belem ”!
The owner of the bakery has ensured that they are trying and trying but it's very difficult to get the thin browse indispensable for their national sweet.

He hopes, though, that, sooner or later, they will be able to get a good " Pasteis Sem Gluten ”.

So I just have to book a new trip to beautiful and luminous Lisbon.”

Bon voyage

Antonella P .


Information by the Team “ All Around Is Gluten Free “:


Breathe in and open brasserie mediterranica

icon checkmark Inspira Santa Marta Hotel Open Brasserie Mediterrânica : R. de Santa Marta 48 Lisboa Icon Phone Number Hotel +351 210 440 900 — Icon Phone NumberBrasserie +351 918 992 860 – The restaurant is certified by: APC / Biotrab as Gluten Free restaurant. Gluten-free meals are cooked in completely separate areas of kitchens. The staff are trained / informed. Stringent hygiene and food safety.

zarzuela lisbon

icon checkmark Pastelaria Zarzuela – Rua Bernardino Costa 21-23 – LisboaIcon Phone Number +351 213 426 263. Pasteleria Zarzuela is certified by APC / Biotrab . Pastelaria Zarzuela offers a range of products gluten free for Celiacs: pastry, bread, ice cream, snack, hamburgers and meals.

icon checkmark O FORCADO – Rua da Rosa 221, Lisboa. Icon Numero telefono +351 Rua da Rosa 221, 1200-348, Lisboa

icon checkmark MARISQUEIRARua do Norte Nº 100 – Bairro Alto, Lisboa. Icon Numero telefono +351 21 346 1027

icon checkmark CAMHINO DA RONDA -Rua do recolhimento 13 – Castelo de Sao Jorge,Lisboa. Icon Numero telefono +351 965842346

icon checkmark Vela Latina – Doca do Bom Sucesso Belém, Lisboa. Icon Numero telefono +351 213 017 118

Arrow-symbolic-link-icon Associação Portuguesa de Celíacos (APC) – Avenida Júlio Dinis, 23 S/L – Lisboa (junto à loja Celeiro na Av. República). Icon Numero telefono +351 918 139 511 – +351 217 530 193 – +351 91 813 95 11 .

ACP-logoContact APC before visiting Lisbon and Portugal. They are very helpful and provide all the latest information: email-20 icon [email protected]; [email protected] ;



icon checkmark McDonald’s Portugal has Gluten Free menu in all restaurants.Mc Donald Portugal


Arrow-symbolic-link-iconWhere to buy:

Health shops (Ervanárias \ Dietéticas) and pharmacies (Farmacias) selling GF.

Many supermarkets sell GF products: Continente“, “Jumbo“, “Pingo Doce“, “El Corte Inglés“, “Minipreço“, “Supermercados Apolónia ( Algarve) ”, and through some online stores[ see ] and the stores in Portugal, where you can get GF products.
Arrow-symbolic-link-icon APC – Tourism.

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