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SEVILLE, CORDOVA, GRANADA. Spain. Welcome To Celiacs.

The journey between art, culture, fun but also a gastronomic tour Gluten Free . When the travelling is a pleasure for coeliacs.
Stephen and I decided to visit these 3 beautiful town for our anniversary. We booked Tryp Sevilla Macarena Breakfast GFbefore the flight and after Tryp Macarena di Siviglia (This chain is famous because its facilities are specialized to accommodate guests with celiac disease – our choice was right). Then we have contacted all our Spanish knowledge to have the information on places to eat and buy safe gluten free. The trip was better than all expectations and I came back to Rome with all stock up on snacks and snack gluten free I'd brought. Spain It is a country with many opportunities for travellers Celiacs. The Spanish people are very helpful and welcoming with all. The traveler celiac can easily find a restaurant, a store, a supermarket where to buy or eat gluten free safe.
Seville was our base: 1 day we explored and 1 day Granada. I will mention all the restaurants where I ate gluten free safe or stores where I could find food gluten free. But you can find many other shops or restaurants (I carry all the additional information at the end of these lines).
SEVILLE:1° day
We arrived at 9,30 a. m. at Seville airport. A comfortable bus connects the airport with the railway station Santa Justa from where you can easily take a bus to get to your destination. Public transportation is excellent in Seville but you can also choose to visit on foot or by renting one of the many bicycles (many kilometers of bicycle paths). We decided to roam around the city to discover its soul, its hidden corners, Perfume. Full of orange trees. The Centre is a maze of charming narrow streets. A square, bar, eateries: everywhere where the Spaniards meet their friends. A very relaxing atmosphere. We got to Metropol Parasol: modern work of great charm. We suggest that you go up to the top level with the elevator: wonderful effect.

When we descended it was lunch time and we were really hungry. The first of the recommended restaurants:
Q’Tapeo! Tapas & Cafe & Copas: Calle Javier Lasso de la Vega, 9 – Siviglia – T. +34 954028910 a 656821019 – Rif. Espacio Metropol Parasol Icon google map .

Spectacular: Dear, gluten-free bread made from them and tapas excellent. How do I start even the gourmet tour of Seville Gluten free was very tasty.

We are continuing on our lap and we take a tourist bus to Sevilla Tour . We recommend this option: you will have an explanation and a general view of the city: you get off at stops and visit the area you are interested in and you can pick up the bus later to continue. After hours of wandering to discover other corners of Seville, a jump in the hotel to have dinner [in Spain the dinner is late – at least in comparison with Italy – and there are no problems]. Seville is a city pleasant and very safe. Dinner from:
Zarabanda’s – Calle Padre Tarín, 6, 41002 Sevilla – T. +34 954 90 30 80. Rif. Plaza de La Gavidia Icon Facebook Icon google map .

Another great. Other recommended Park. You must book at weekend. Our gourmet tour goes wonderfully.

Cordova: 2° day
We had booked online train tickets RENFE from station Santa Justa. You can also choose the option with the coach of ALSA . Arrived in Cordoba, We walked towards the Center. We rode along beautiful gardens and then we entered in the historic part of town: small alleys with whitewashed houses (stop to admire the beautiful patios). The old synagogue, the Casa de Sefarad, the alleys of the Juderia, and then we came to the Mezquida – La Catedral de Cordòba (wonderful). The Roman bridge and then back in the streets. Hours 3,00 p. m. lunch.

You must be:
Taberna Sociedad Plateros de Maria Auxiliadora – Calle María Auxiliadora, 25, 14002 Córdoba. Rif. Icon Facebook Icon google map .

Just outside the city centre,10 minutes walk from Plaza de la Corredera [ You can also take the ecological Microbus C2 or if you have little time , you take a taxi (taxis are cheap)], but still you must go eat at this place. You can enjoy typical dishes of Cordova made gluten free and easy: Salmorejo Cordobés, Roba de Toro Cordobés and many other dishes of the cuisine of Cordoba. The waiter Mario has Celiac. Beside you many Spaniards (friends or families) in a very convivial atmosphere. Other milestone.

When we finished eating, We are back in the Centre with a walk to Plaza de la Corredera to continue your visit. At 08,15 p. m. the train back to Seville Santa Justa: get off the train and a bite to Mac Donald and after tired to sleep.[We don't like eating in the big restaurant chains and ours is Mc Donald Siviglia GFalways the last option when we are tired and we are hungry].

(Federation of associations of Celiacs of Spain) tightened agreements with large restaurant chains (including Mac Donald) to ensure safe gluten-free foods anywhere in their branches all over Spain (ask your employees for food chosen gluten free) .

SEVILLE – day 3.
Wake up early to discover the beauty of Seville: ALCAZAR , the beautiful gardens and Cathedral. Quick snack from Mac Donald near Alcazar and then we are left to admire new beauties.

Quick visit to the hotel and dinner at another restaurant and bar (gluten free) but that we carry over because [Although I had no problems] You can find better [I have decided to bring back only restaurants where our readers should be absolutely].
GRANADA – day 4
Wake up early to catch the bus ALSA booked online: 3 hours of travel but to admire the AHLAMBRA Y GENERALIFE (We recommend to buy tickets online). Bus station with bus or taxi you can arrive at the Cathedral: visit to the streets around the Cathedral and then to Plaza Nueva you take the bus C3 comes before AHLAMBRA. Remember to convert purchased tickets on line at the ticket counter (You must be in front of the Palace of Nazaries at the time chosen. If you arrive in advance we suggest that you enter by the passage of machines (correos) for the internal property. You can optimize your time by activating the part with the possibility to visit all of Ahlambra . The visit of the whole complex takes over 3 hours but it is a wonder.

After the visit you go Plaza Nueva with the bus. While visiting the Central streets of Granada you must do a:
Café Bar El Cortijo – Calle Pintor Zuloaga 23 Granada- T. +34 958040201 / 652375890. Rif. Icon Facebook Icon google map .

We arrived at 4,50 p. m. and the coach again at 6,30 p. m. for Seville. Pilar the owner and chef is Celiac. Pilar is responsible for a celiac Association in Granada. All products are gluten free and Pilar prepares the sweets, the dough for pizza, fried foods and all the goodies that we ate and that you enjoy coming into her restaurant. She has prepared some great croquetas de bacalao con alioli , excellent Goffre and other treats while we expected.

Another milestone in the gourmet tour & gluten free in Spain. If you can visit Granada you must-eat local Pilar . We arrived in Sevilla late. Tired, We ate a pizza (close to the hotel) by Telepizza (they too have entered into an agreement with FACE and they deliver even at home).
SEVILLE – 5° day.
Wake up early to see the other sights of Seville: Triana, the monumental area of La Plaza de Espana and so many other beauties.

During our tour we joined El Corte Inglés in the central area of Seville where we had provided the Department of gluten-free products. After our walking tour of Triana and from the 2,00 p. m. We have gone (about the 2,00 p.m.) by:
Tiendas Nà – Fernando IV, 15B 41011 Siviglia – T. +34 954280258375. Rif. Icon Facebook Icon google map .

Na’ is a specialized shop for gluten-free products. You can find fresh bread, salami, fresh pastries (all gluten free).

We have purchased for our lunch. Macarena (Dear Miss) you suggested their specialties: Revenue in their shop and you wont happy.
In the evening we met our French friends Maurice e Virginie : they had just arrived in Seville. They had already visited other Spanish cities in recent years. After their experience of travel in Spain, they decided that (for travel) the best choice is to rent an apartment with one of the most important sites of all apartments and villas for rent Spain. They have given us all the information about this group that we're moving to all friends who will read these lines. This group also provides a number of useful tourist information on your stay. Maurice e Virginie They recommend this choice for our next trip to Spain. You can consult these links for Seville (they come in various languages):
Icon Italia Icon Spagna Icon Francia Icon Regno Unito Icon Germania
In addition, these sites provide some interesting information about the sights of your stay: You rummage inside:

Icon Flag Italia Language is characterized by variety of vocabulary and register and experimentation. There are puns, contrasts, juxtapositions. In each episode the language is suited to the characters and the situation. There are foreign words, literary quotations and allusions to other literary works. Icon Flag Regno Unito Icon Flag Germania Icon Flag Francia

At dinner we came back with them from Zaranbanda’s – Calle Padre Tarín, 6, 41002 Sevilla Icon Facebook . Other delight of taste.

SEVILLE – 6° day
Sevilla Airport1Departure and return to Rome. After passport control you will find the cafeteria with a variety of snacks glutenSevilla Airport free. You will find easily a gluten free store, a department store (example: El Corte Inglés, Mercadona, Hipermecatos Alcampo, Carrefour and others where you can buy gluten-free products) in all cities from us visit.

Face made arrangements with large groups of catering to ensure an offer for coeliacs throughout Spain. By clicking on this link (under), You can find these restaurants: Anyway I always prefer the small restaurants and not large groups.

Catene ristorazione ass Face

I prefer human relationships and I think food (gluten free) It is best and safest in small restaurants (recommended for people with celiac disease).
Our Spanish friends have shown other restaurants gluten free safe to eat but time is never enough. We have preferred to publish photographs of the dishes and I can say that I also celiac were many years I hadn't done a trip (outside Italy) so beautiful and so good and safe gluten free. Spain soon.
A hug from

ANTO e Ste

Websites that I recommend that you consult before your trip:
Celiacos En Accion
Celiacos En Accion :

Celiachia Provinciale Sevilla (ASPROCESE):
Celiachia Córdoba (ACECO) :
Celiachia Granada :
FACE Joven :

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  • Hola mi nombre es Pilar Martínez y soy la propietaria de El Cortijo Sin quiero agradecer los buenos comentarios sobre nuestro local y sobre mi, gracias a eso llegan muchos viajeros de todas partes, buscando la garantía y seguridad de nuestra cocina.

  • Hola mi nombre es Pilar Martínez y soy la propietaria de El Cortijo Sin quiero agradecer los buenos comentarios sobre nuestro local, y sobre mi, gracias a eso llegan muchos viajeros de todas partes, buscando la garantía y seguridad de nuestra cocina.

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