URUGUAY Sin Gluten
URUGUAY: Il Viaggio anche Gluten Free. The Travel also Gluten Free. El viaje también sin gluten. Le voyage aussi sans gluten. Die Fahrt auch glutenfrei.

Uruguay is our first nation in the voyage of discovery of the American continent Gluten free. Virginia V. (Mis Sabores Sin Gluten Mis Sabores Sin Gluten – You can enjoy its delicious gluten free by visiting Paysandú), during, Celiac, great confectioner wrote in July 2015 to us by All Around Is Gluten Free to learn about the gluten free restaurants recommended for his tour in Italy in September 2015. We sent all the information and she sent the recipe for great Brownie de Quinoa .

Thanks to Virginia V. and in Franco P. (friend of Montevideo) I have posted a lot of information, We can share with you the pleasure to visit Uruguay gluten free .

The journey of discovery of Uruguay, a nation rich in natural beauty, of charm, of history, a nation with a particular attention to the protection of biodiversity . Places to visit throughout the year. The beaches along the 600 kilometres of coastline are the attraction of the South American summer. Ocean beaches or fresh water Rio de la Plata . Or soak in the thermal baths (termas) .You will have only the embarrassment of choice on coast of the River Uruguay in areas of Paysandú and Salto .
Or you can choose rural tourism that is well developed at the Interior of Uruguay, through grasslands and magnificent natural landscapes. Farms and farm holidays (higher level structures and family environments) savoring the local products. You can pair a wine tour to discover the great Uruguayan side wines the wine roads: Tannat-Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat-Merlot, Tannat-Cabernet Franc .

Uruguay is a country with a deep respect for its history both for nature and you can visit world heritage sites (Unesco): Fray Bentos Industrial Landscape and the historic district of the city of Colonia del Sacramento or the reserve of biodiversity of youtube icon BAÑADOS DEL ESTE protected by Unesco for the unique wealth of its nature to be preserved for the future. Or cave paintings of Chamanga . youtube icon There are many natural areas protected in Uruguay where also Tourism is subordinated to the safeguarding of environment (check for visits). Or you can explore the community for youtube icon protection of food placed in the international project TERRA MADRE . Purchase a Uruguay Guide and you begin to discover its attractions and travel arrangements.

Uruguay is a country particularly welcoming to tourists: the official website of the Ministry of tourism gives you all the information: special advantages for tourists or the rules concerning the import (introduction) of food or food .
This is very important for travellers departing Uruguay to explore the celiac. The celiac Association of Uruguay ACELU with the commitment of its volunteers are organizing a list of gluten-free restaurants, hotels or shops gluten free. Gluten also Uruguayans are always very helpful and through social sharing a lot of information.
When a celiac travel carries paper for restaurant (You can download our for Uruguay) Uruguay Sin Gluten ACELUand a small supply of bread and other food gluten free – this is a precaution for every need. You take a look at the website of ACELU and you find the contacts of the contact persons in the different cities and departments.
Many supermarkets and pharmacies, retail chains sell gluten-free products. We we report:
Farmashop, Tienda Inglesa, Devotee, Hornex, DISC and DISC icon rec ACELU

By consulting the official sites of the Government of Uruguay (The Ministry of health) You can read useful information:
word-doc-icon The list of eligible products for coeliacs (not the only ones but those tested);
word-doc-icon The list of companies certified by the Ministry for health of gluten-free products;
word-doc-icon You will always receive the lists, information and updates from the Department of public health.
The restaurants informed for celiac disease are not many: If you can't find a safe gluten-free eating gluten free restaurant Uruguayan side recommended meat or vegetables on the grill: parrilla (asado). ACELU are creating a guide but meanwhile Franco P. has prepared a guide to gluten free restaurants and shops by Montevideo. ACELU provides a list of gluten-free ice cream. We find some very useful references:Gluteno

Gluteno (Montevideo): You can enjoy great buy great products. You can enjoy them too . You can get to find its products elsewhere;

El Naranjo . See the list of their products and where to buy; Alimentos NutriCiencia

Alimentos Nutricencia
There are also in Uruguay some bakeries and makers of gluten-free treats that with the help of facebook experiencing Celiacs tasty delicacies.
Paysandú: MIS SABORES SIN GLUTEN – ITUZAINGO 1202 ESQUINA ZORRILLA – Voi potete trovare i suoi prodotti come esempio a Young (Dpto de Rio Negro) Mundo Natural, es Mercedes Espacio Natural;
Canelones: Todo sin gluten – Solymar;
Maldonado: Para Celìacos Salados Y Dulces;
Montevideo: Soy Celiaca – 2345 Cunapiru Jacinto Vera;
Montevideo: Postres Cocina Sin Gluten;
A Council: during your trip you contact these companies. Often they have the opportunity to deliver their products or indicate the nearest place where to buy but still taste.They may be able to indicate restaurants and hotels suitable for gluten-free food preparation out of Montevideo and contact even local contacts by ACELU. Us we report Punta del Este Maldonado:

Sin GlutenRestaurant – +598 4249 4369 J Lenzina casi Ex Av Francia parada 2 Punta del Este Maldonado

Good journey to discover Uruguay and thanks to those who contributed and all those who send their precious information to integrate.

Spain- language-icon Guide: Uruguay Spanish Guía de Uruguay

English-Language--icon Guide: Uruguay English Uruguay’s Guide

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