Glutened The Hayley Repton Short Film.

Glutened the short film by Hayley Repton – Emotion, Emotion, Empathy: sensations felt in a few minutes of watching the short film. Retracing my own path and that of many celiacs.

Diagnosis of celiac disease: my many years ago when someone looked at you like a strange animal.
What does that mean: looks like a punch to the stomach. Around few understand something.

Life changes in a moment. What is allowed to eat? What is forbidden? Cross-contamination?
Many don't understand.

Glutenfree cookbooks. Burnt dishes and then finally the first homemade gf bread.
The search for places to eat safely.

In little more than 8 minutes Hayley (the director, Screenwriter, Producer, Creator) was able to communicate the moods and frustrations of a celiac – just diagnosed – through the interpretation of the very good Holly (starring property), the production coordinator Marina Oftedal and with the invaluable help of the whole crew.

A short film to share and show to everyone and especially to non-celiac people: so they understand if still not year understood.

Thank you Hayley. Thank you Holly for your performance and everyone who has collaborated on this successful project.

Glutened Backstage

Our tomorrow is much more beautiful than yesterday and today our chances of safe choice are infinitely greater than a few years ago.




Hayley Repton

Hayley ReptonHayley is a young English director who lives in Manchester who has traveled the world and worked in many places including England, Australia, Thailand, United Kingdom. Hayley has worked on various music videos, Short films [“ Broken Brain ” in which he addressed the delicate issue “ ADHD “]and promotional videos.

Celiac disease has been diagnosed Hayley in 2019.

Hayley recounts her experience and how she reacted: Broken Brain by Harley Repton
"I went to the doctor for anemia and after a blood test followed by an endoscopy and a biopsy, I was diagnosed with celiac disease.

I had no idea why I didn't have the typical symptoms and was diagnosed with celiac disease in #8217;April 2019.
The day I was told, I felt like I had been slapped in the face with a wet fish.

I wanted to react. I knew I had to put my diagnosis of celiac disease to good use and raise awareness as much as possible. Within a couple of weeks I started writing ideas and started writing “ Glutened “.

There have been many sleepless nights and many creative ideas.
Oh so many different ways to deal with a topic! At last I was happy with the plot and vision.

For months and months I followed many celiacs on social media because I wanted to make sure to tell all their stories as much as possible through a single character.

This was really important.

Some of these celiacs struggle with people who simply don't understand and think they can have “days of cheating”! Oh no no no!

Sometimes transmitting something to someone verbally won't necessarily have the same impact that is shown to them through sound, vision and narration.

The film highlights the social impact and importance of cross-contamination taken seriously.
I really hope the film helps people".




“Holly, an Irish woman who has just been diagnosed with celiac disease must suddenly say goodbye to everything about gluten for, Well … Forever.

L’sudden lifestyle change takes her on turbulent journey; With a mix of frustrating times, a splash of envious times and a sprinkle of carefree times.
Supermarket shopping, social gatherings, re-enactments and daily preparation.
He will be able to take everything calmly?”

“A rhythmic short film that expresses the #8217;impact that everyday life has on a newly diagnosed celiac and how it discovers its time”.

Thanks to Glutened

Team AllArounIsGlutenfree



Hayley advises for you celiacs in Manchester :

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